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More Noobish Suggestions
start players with armor, make the quests give better armor, these goblins be crazy hard.

the goblin shamans near monkfield are to hard for a brand new player. i think maybe they should be removed from the village east of monkfield.

with level 50 archery and a flamestrike bow i only do 2% damage to a goblin warlord champion, for me they are too hard to solo. how am i supposed to turn in my selentine keys? this game has a scaling issue. i dont understand why i have to kill 2,000 starter mobs to move past them. maybe i am so noob being archer, swordsman, but i can barely kill a hobgoblin even still. giant skeletons, no way, even with good gear.

it also does not make sense that the fastest way to level a skill is through meditation. imo it should be faster to level by actually playing the game. i'm having this problem with archery which doesnt seem to level very quickly with use.

i've been getting champions every 15 minutes on the clock. it feels a little like a grind, i would really like to see one every ten minutes. combat title books are too common, they will be worthless soon, i also think the maximum level should be 100 so they are more useful.

dire zombies near copperdale, i'd like to see the spawn rate increased for these. it doesnt feel like im playing a game when i have to wait 1-1.5 minutes after each kill for another to spawn.

increase the sell price of ancient armor drops from skeleton warriors or create a racial turn-in quest for them. this is a completely useless drop, i do not like to see useless items in a game like this.

increase damage of zombie warrior near copperdale, the zombie mobs be way to easy, a lot easier than goblins.

thanks for reading, please check my other post if you haven't read it.

Re: More Noobish Suggestions
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Assuming you are a genuinely new player this is very interesting feedback.

3 questions:
1. Are you using your powerhour?
2. Are you able to buy better gear at the markets?
3. Have you joined a clan?

Re: More Noobish Suggestions
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with level 50 archery and a flamestrike bow i only do 2% damage to a goblin warlord champion

because "champion" mobs can spawn if you clear the spawn fast enough, game doesn't tell you this because for some reason devs still haven't implemented a proper tutorial or help page inside the game that would list all features in the game so new players wouldn't have to read all old patch notes from the last x years to know how the game works @Ub3rgames

and meditation is only faster than powerhour skillgains in PvE after the skill is at around 70-75 but also costs a shitload of medpoints

Re: More Noobish Suggestions
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Meditation is way slower than active playing, even at very high skill levels (if you can farm efficently, that is, obviously).
Just as an example, i am finishing grinding infliction school to 100. I was at 95 yesterday and to meditate it to 100 it would have taken 21 hours.
I played for a pair of hours (using the Power Hour too) and i managed to get to 98.2 in that timeframe. Now my time to meditate to 100 is down to 6 hours. So basically i got 15 hours worth of meditation by just playing 2 hours actively

On the "goblins are too strong" part....are you fighting them naked? Did you complete the starter quest that gives you some decent armor to start with? Have you tried buying some armor at the market or better weapons? (transmute weapons in many cases are worst than a r20/30 "normal" weapon, unless those mobs are sensible to that specific element. Try buying some r30/40 weapon from the market and try them again with that).
On shamans, yes they are much stronger than normal goblins, but this applyes to most mobs actually: generally speaking most mage mobs are stronger than their melee counterparts (they have less hp usually, but hit like trucks, even in melee :D).
But there are spawns without them, so if you are having troubles to kill them, go to a different goblin camp.
There are different ones exactly for that reason: if one is too much for you, find another one with less mobs in it.

As for champions, well, they are intended to be a hard challenge even at higher levels (unless you are fighting trash mobs for your character) but the rewards they can drop are really good and help a lot in speeding up the grind, so it is fine that they are quite a challenge to fight against
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