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Re: VCP's
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Only reason we do vcp is to get alts there and get some meds for holdings. Otherwise it isnt worth traveling for them.

Re: VCP's
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That's a great idea.
I wonder if @Ub3rgames has plans for this.
Definitely agree...imho they should just copy the planetside lattice system for racial territory control and use that, it is perfect: it was already balanced for a 3 faction battle and multiple continents.
They could also go further and also re-use the "continent lock" system also in planetside: basically, when 1 faction managed to get all the bases in a single continent, the continent would lock up for 24 hours and not be conquerable until the end of the timer and the faction controlling it had bonuses while fighting on it (until some other faction managed to re-conquer at least 1 base and break the lock).
The lock could only be broken by attaccking 2 specific bases (the 2 closest to the teleport gates) so the defender had the advantage of knowing that anyone that wanted to break the lock had to start breaking the lattice by attacking one of those 2 bases