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Sedition - NA - Blue Human/Elf/Mirdain - High Activity!

Sedition is a blue racial Human/Elf/Dwarf clan based in NA prime time looking for active players to join our war effort!  We are the largest and most active blue racial clan of our faction and participate in the entire world's affairs, with holdings all over the map and a blood lust for PvP objectives.  We take groups to VCP's daily, plan our own sieges and show up to others and we will be competitive with any new content released.  

We are a clan that is focused on DARKFALL NEW DAWN and you will NOT FIND ANYONE TO PLAY PUBG OR FORTNITE WITH IN OUR DISCORD!  Everyone logged into our Discord is an active player here on New Dawn and our clan's focus will not shift to a different game or mmo.  If you have a clan without active leadership or not much to do, join us!  We all came from clans that leaders bailed on and emerged stronger with a group that cares to stay here and thrive.  Give your Darkfall New Dawn experience a breath of fresh air and know that you don't have to race change to enjoy playing in a good pvp clan if you rolled Human/Elf/Dwarf! 

We will be fighting the largest enemy racial factions in the largest wars the server has to offer, help us fight for our race!  All new players are expected to have Discord and will be invited in for a conversation before accepted into the clan.  Contact me here or in game Rekt Shorts, Morvalus Wavesplitter or Oddjob Liberated to get into the action today.

Re: Sedition - NA - Blue Human/Elf/Mirdain - High Activity!
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About time someone does something to this useless carebear faction and not turn into pacifist Tausian Dominion. We Alfar need more enemy.

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Sedition are what human alliance needed.

Also, now i need a sweet flag for garbage men

Edit: First attempt at our flag...

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85% /s

Re: Sedition - NA - Blue Human/Elf/Mirdain - High Activity!
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Sedition's prestige is worldwide wide wide!  Contact us today to join the action.
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Re: Sedition - NA - Blue Human/Elf/Mirdain - High Activity!
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Glad to see motivated leadership for PvP-hungry Human alliance moving off of Niff!

Re: Sedition - NA - Blue Human/Elf/Mirdain - High Activity!
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Best flag Pallist

+1 Sedition good stuff

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We now host in-house dueling nights 2 nights a week, individual and group and situational but still casual.  Participation gear is handed out for our members that show up to duel and have fun.  Melee's get choice of q4 keen r60 weapon/bow or thick/fp chest and mages get their choice of q4 keen r80 racial/r60 slow or giant bone chest just to show up and participate.

We are working on a tournament format as this gains steam to start handing out end game gear to winners, r70 weaps, infernal, snowhide and soon dragon armor/exarch scale.

If you're in a clan that is Human/Elf/Dwarf and suffering for lack of players/leadership/content you should give us a look, we are out here creating our own content and still have solid activity every day in discord.  We aren't shy about taking in mergers from failed clans, its ok if you're SG quit, you don't have to also, we'll take in your people and give everyone a fair shake.

Re: Sedition - NA - Blue Human/Elf/Mirdain - High Activity!
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Sedition wears the crown.  We have won the war for NA dominance, taken what we want from Enclave and reduced them to a shell of their former glory(with the help of friends!).  We will continue to host 2 duel nights a week and continue to be ready for the next war and the next patch.   We cap VCP's around the world, currently 15 under our control right this moment.  We have holdings almost everywhere, and houses with guest spots almost everywhere too.

Our duel nights will still feature gear give aways of r60+ keen/slayer weapons/bows/staves or enchanted mastery armor chest pieces to all members who participate. 

If you are EU or NA and you are Dorf/Human/Elf and you have Discord and enjoy pvp and want to participate in all the end game content Ub3r may or may not create, we are the only real option for you and I hope you give us a look.  We are very inclusive, there is no toxicity in our discord and our discord is only for playing Darkfall New Dawn, we are ACTIVE and we offer the most organized clan experience on this server with a mix of veterans and newer players of all skill levels, along with the best crafters on the server and a quick turn around crafting que system in our clan bank.

PM me on forums or Oddjob Liberated or Rekt Shorts or any Sedition member you run across in game about recruitment.
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Re: Sedition - NA - Blue Human/Elf/Mirdain - High Activity!
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Bump! We are still very active. VCP'S, PVP, PVE! We do it all!