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Re: Crafting Titles
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Too me the main issue is having to craft too many units at the bottom end so the market gets infinitely flooded at tiers people move through quickly, though in the end you really cant make 'too many' r40+ because they will always be used but the sub mastery gear is more to move through in quick stages.

How many r10 bows does the world need, probably never the 100k+ already crafted...

Exactly, that's what I said in my first post.

I will say I think the titles requirements could greatly tweaked, as I think it's very easy to outpace title speed at lower skill levels than high. But I don't think that's your complaint, but that if you swap back to a craft where you were previously 100/100k that you have to slowly wait for the 100/0 to build back up. I think that's working exactly as intended as no one should be expecting to be a skilled a crafter of most items without trading off the combat skills.


Here's a couple of counter suggestions:

1) Change title loss on drop from 100 to 50 percent.

This hits low skilled characters less as they try various crafts and still doubles the speed at which characters who swap back into a titles can get back to their previous level.

2) Allow anyone titled to craft any level of item, with penalties for crafting items who's title/skill level they haven't yet met.

Eg, something like 5 percent penalty to stats like resistence, damage, durability, and 25 percent increase in mat requirements per every 10 points of level or title you're under for the item, cumulative if both.

With 2, the rank should also reflect this, to make it easy to identify on market the quality items.

These both hit swappers a bit less hard, the second even gives levellers a way to level skill a bit faster if they have the mats/gold to throw away (so another needed gold sink)m and players who are sticking to their crafts still will bet he ones to make and sell the best items at the most reasonable cost.

Maybe even do both.
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Re: Crafting Titles
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agree with o.p.