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Re: New Champion Update Scaling concern
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i agree that the drop table of champions seem pretty weird/too random right now.
Sometimes you get 1-2 stats potions from a troll champions and sometime you get nothing from yellow mob's champions.
I think the drop % need to be adjusted so that lower level mobs have less drop % of the higher valuable stat potions and the higher the mob tier the higher becomes the chance to get them to drop

Re: New Champion Update Scaling concern
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Mycke, you just got bad/low RNG roll.  Try it again!

Re: New Champion Update Scaling concern
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On (low?)medium tier (640-700ish med/kill), i can score consistent books, with uncommon amount potions and keys. About 4-5 champion kills/hr. (About 10 combat title books every 2-2.5 hours.)

On high tier (2k med/kill), I score double or uncommonly 3x more loot than medium tier champion, but frequency is no where near medium tier. About 1-2 champions kills/hour.  (Maps and keys are nice after 2-2.5hours.)

Works good for me, at least solo.  Maybe too good in some drops, but it's cool.
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Re: New Champion Update Scaling concern
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Yeah it is quite random and it is in a way decent as it is.

The only thing that needs tweaking in loot tables is them dropping loads more materials or stuff that you want to farm when you go to that specific mob.

Currently it is (for example this placeholder numbers) 3x more HP and 2x more damage, and the reward is only 2x skins of the usual type of that mob while the difficulty is actually 4-10x harder than the usual(depending on your playstyle of course, ranged who cares, melee = gimp yourself) because you have to regen more. This of course applies to medium/hard+ mobs.
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