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Re: race wars
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1. Basicly, MMORPG games must have few types hotsots what generate PvP:
a). Solo/smallscale - good mob spots
b). Group pvp - vilages, devils, demons, dragons
c). Big scale pvp - sieges, racewar

Dont need to use vilages or player citys for race wars, its not for that!

Need new targets. Look, how implemented racewars in most RvR games.
Here is always 2-3 small targets (keeps, towers), what you need to capture before you can attack main goal (big castle).
You just need to create new buildings in right places.

2. How do you see capture process?
a) King of hill like in vilage?
b) Or maybe like in sieges? Destroy castle core to get castle? Here is few sides, what will be fight.
Who get castle? Ninja, what make last dmg to castle core? Faction, what make biggest dmg to castle core? (i'm prety sure need just to give opportunity attack core by sword/magic/archery, not by battlespikes.

How to choose, what castle will be attacked? Maybe it must be race pools in game, and every char can choose next target?
For example, if every tower and castle will have own race buffs (if you capture it) - i can choose next target in race war,
what give me +2% magic buff. Race fighers will choose tower, what give +2% to melee.

How often do you will have race wars for castle? One in 3 days? Or maybe like in daoc you can always capture keeps and castles? Then you need guards in castle, what will be defend castle without players. And then if you will want to capture keep, you need some time to kill guards. Here is must be some indicator, what show to race what own this keep what keep is attacked and how much guards was killed.

I think it must be 2 towers and 1 castle near orc/mahirim, 2 towers and 1 castle in human/elf/dwarf land, 2 tower and 1 castle for small smelly alfars. And two towers with 1 castle in center. If one race get own castle - they can attack center towers and castle. If race get center castle - they can attack towers/castle what belong to another race.
Its will be must harder to get race castle, coz defenders can more fast run to castle from npc city (if defenders will cant teleport to castle, what belong to him).

What if alfars get mahirims castle? Its like 2 hours running to return in npc city. I just cant spend so much time just to come back in NPC city. Here is need free teleport to capital.
Also, need local bank in towers/castle, and merchang (will be nice if price to race, what not have this castle will be pay much more then defenders). Castle must have nice design for a fight. No need many closed quarters, its not fun to fight in closed quarters from third person.

Acualy, you can think about disabling launch, telekinezis and stormblast in castle areas. And give to attackers ram / catapults / trebuchet. So, first target attackers will be destory walls. And first target defenders will be destoy catapults.

You can give to defenders possibility to upgrade you race keeps and castle. For example, if you kill mobs in 2-3km around castle - keep or castle get upgrade (good doors,  higher and thicker walls, local bank, npc what sell items and what can be upgraded). Upgrade castle guards or buy ballistas. 

3. What to do with ARAC clans? My friend Unknowm Mantra and Mak Kon plays for an dirty ugly big dog. I'm playing as beautiful cleverest noble elf.
And we want to fight together, shoulder to shoulder in race wars. Maybe you will give race bonus (what depends, how much towers we get) to clan, depending on race count in clan?
Example: if ARAC clan have 20 humans and 5 dogs - all players must get bonus from humans. Either the clan itself must swear allegiance to that or other race. And get bonus then that race win.

Otherwise, it will be conflict interests. And Mantra, who will fight for mahirim side will kill me at battlefield.

4. What reward do you want to your race, after you capture keeps and castle?
1. +5% to money loot?
2. +5% to you mediation points in quests?
3. +3% speed to mediation?
4. +2% to magic damage?
5. +2 to physical damage?
6. Teleport (for shards) from capitals to castles and towers?
7. Good quests reawrds, what will give npc in castle (if you capture it)?
8. +20% to nodes regen?
9. +200 meditation points every day?
For sure, all who will fight must get some mediation points even if they not win, some mediation points to race, what win fight.
In order not to change the balance of the game, it is necessary that racial castle do not give bonuses at start. But if you lost you race castle (what in your race lands) - you lost bonuses.

Also, we can have some Capture the Flag / daoc relic mechanic. When you get relic from enemy castle and put in your castle for some bonuses. Guys who got flag must travel with 40% his speed. If he logout - relic drop down. Must be fun.

Here is a lot question, what you need to answer before trying to implement race wars. What race wars you want to see, with details?
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Re: race wars
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Dont need to use vilages or player citys for race wars, its not for that!
Noone here is suggesting to use player cities for race wars, whatever it means.
Also you don't need to participate in race wars while capturing villages - go ARAC/red and enjoy vcp capturing as a clan and not as a race.

Another person repeating same argument answered already numerous times.
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Re: race wars
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10+ paragraphs all circling around the issues already laid out without a solid point that hasn't already been shut down.

This is literally what's left in the game for the most part. Trash fanboys who will defend anything currently in the game and since they're the majority, what you see is what you get.
Fair enough ill be there, Actually can we do it Thurs
(ive been lugging boxes of books all morning from a collection I bought and a little beat)