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Imperial Dreams is recruiting
We are an old guild, but recently arrived in Darkfall.  (We started DND when it went live.)  We cover a wide age range but tend towards the older.  We're calm and dislike drama.

We are not a "pvp guild" - in that pvp is not our goal.  But we don't shy from a fight when needed.  We want to build, explore and do everything the game has to offer - while supporting our faction (dwarves, elves, humans).

Our most important guiding principle is that we are the good guys.  We don't cheat, lie, infiltrate other guilds, play both sides or smack talk.

I'd rather recruit new players but we're flexible on that.  If this sounds like your kind of guild please contact me here or in game.

Re: Imperial Dreams is recruiting
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Not sure how Imperial is doing, but you guys have a good attitude. Recommend for anyone matching the recruit description. They got a comfy spot to learn the game.
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Re: Imperial Dreams is recruiting
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Saw you capping villages yesterday, in primetime even. Nice considering you're not focused on pvp. Good luck with the clan :)
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Re: Imperial Dreams is recruiting
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(Thanks for the comments.)

Re: Imperial Dreams is recruiting
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Amazing clan, I recommend joining!
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Nice people and a nice clan, we need more of those <3