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Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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Hey, are you guys recruiting crafters? I am looking for a clan with a city close to elfland.

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Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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Hello @Orilt , we've got a lot of crafting on the go already, but there is always room for more. Feel free to send me a PM here on the forums with what race you chose, and we'll get you into our Discord to meet and see If we're a good fit for each other.

Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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Great, mature clan!

Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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I been with this clan for 4 weeks. Really great clan. A lot of mix activities. Nobody is grumpy!

Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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These guys play. Fought them several times over the course of the week.

I saw them. They were doing stuff.
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Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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Wardens looking for few more!
We abide by just one rule
"If it's not fun, don't do it"

We are most active during NA prime time but we also have EU players
We have one of the best clan crafter support. 
We can craft almost everything with our 7+ dedicated clan crafters!
We are part of a great alliance with round the clock coverage.
New player mentoring and support
Organized PvE/Dungeon
Duel nights
VCP Participation/City Raiding/PvP
Great social community and pleasant comms (no rager or try hards)

Message any member online or particularly @Bish @Rimamok @Fore Core via the forums.

Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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Wardens are great guys. Good spirit. Fun to fight
85% /s

Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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We have new friends that recently joined us both during EU times and NA times.  Come join the action.

Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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come join us  ! this is the place to be .

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Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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We are looking for a few more members to join our relaxed and fun team. Activity is picking up so this is the time to find that group that fits you. Contact Biash Aldanari or Horas Lightengale for more detailed information in game or send me a pm here.
Biash Aldanari - Wardens

Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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Just recently joined as a brand new player.  Super helpful and full of information. Really great group of people.

Jayden Severblade

Re: Wardens (Human/Mirdain/Dwarf)
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Bump!  Still recruiting.  EU are welcome, although the majority of our actives are NA right now.