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Event Saturday 08th at 9PM Paris / 12PM PST
This Saturday we are experimenting with an event format. The clan Seek and Destroy came to us to organize an event this week end. The idea is that they wager the city of Caxtla to create activity, with GMs serving as targets and a reward structure.
If the event format proves popular, we will have it as a permanent possibility for clans to create activity.

Event name: The server versus Seek and Destroy and their allies.
Time: 9PM Paris time / 12PM PST
Location: Odmanfau in the Desert ruins - 3'27" W, 21'39" S
Objective: Kill the Devils and their followers to gain a holding.
Rewards: The city of Caxtla and devils loot.

- GMs will control a group of Devils that will serve as siege stones that fight back.
- The Devils will be protected by the defending side.
- If the devils survive for 2h, the event becomes a PvE event for the defending side and they get to fight the Devils.
- If the defenders lose and the devils are killed, the wining clan gain the city of Caxtla and the loot from the devils.
- The event is set in a lawless area to allow everyone to attend.

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