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Dynamic Faster mining or increased drop rate inside any spawn and dungeons.
Somebody made a thread to say that harvesting should be faster. I disagree with it, but it should be possible to mine faster. Normally, it should stay slow.

You can find some mines in dungeons or around a few spawns.  Nobody will ever waste their time with them. So there has to be an incentive to take on those regardless of where they are positioned.

This thread has nothing to do with that, but it's a good point to mention. The danger-zone system of DF UW was very good. I wish to add a twist to it.
Inside any dungeon or around any spawn leash, the drop rate or speed on mining should dramatically increase based on the difficulty of the mob spawn.
In a dungeon, it should always be faster and better. That would make mining in dungeons look more appropriate. At the same time, it would turn out as an hot-spot including cave troll spawns for those who only wish to mine faster/with increased drop rate.

In a role-playing stand-point, it makes it feel more appropriate to mine near those mob spawns or inside any dungeon. It makes it feel more appropriate to have those mobs controlling those mines around them to make sure nobody can have them so easily.
At the same time, it makes it worth it to fight and mine: something nobody usually do anyway.

In my opinion, DF is a game that rewards you based on the difficulty you wish to take on. This is why No Man's Sky will never suit me lol. So in order to make mining or harvesting better, the risk has to be increased. It's that simple.
So i think it's wrong to reward AFK players with faster mining. and be done with it.

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Re: Dynamic Faster mining or increased drop rate inside any spawn and dungeons.
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This is something we could see working and be interesting.
It would complement our logic of node quality being impacted by how far they are from a bindstone.

We want harvesters to have their own playstyle so this change wouldn't be specifically targeted at them, but more as a symbiotic relationship between harvesters and PvE players, to harvest during the down time in between spawns.
This is sort of what we want to make with the center dungeon, and it could be great to expend on the concept.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.