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Re: BlackMeat Bonekiller
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This is a prime example of people not being able to handle the honest truth, me & Blackmeat are truth tellers and your delusional minds can't handle the holes we poke within them on a daily basis so you make out we are the bad guys, when all we are doing is kindly enlightening you.

You're welcome.

yo Pat how bad are things on new dawn? I've stopped by to see just how bad

Almost as bad as RoA I hear.

Re: BlackMeat Bonekiller
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They do this for fun.  It's sad, honestly.

Re: BlackMeat Bonekiller
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Its not funny, actualy. If you will repat about "game is dead" 1000 times, ppl belive what that is true.
Dolly Monk

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Re: BlackMeat Bonekiller
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Game is dead

"Our title system is an expansion of the titles in the same spirit than the destroyer title. These will NOT be classes and will be completely optional."

Re: BlackMeat Bonekiller
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Why blame these trolls when dev are fine with it. 80% of the people voted to moderate trolling but they don't care.

Re: BlackMeat Bonekiller
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Blackheart Basementdweller must be feeling pretty special.

Our little buttercup.
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