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East Alfarian Trading Company
East Alfarian Trading Company

Who are we?

Mychel Soulslayer: Rare mat hunter and logistics specialist, mychel travels all of Agon and the Islands to acquire and deliver rare mats to our distinguished clients. If you need it, she will get it and if you need it somewhere she will get it there, but for a price.

Mycke Soulslayer: Crafter of r60 weapons and r70 bows as well as giant bone thickleather and adept robes, with q3 enchanting on all (except robes Gosti :P).

Psych Moleslayer: Crafter of r60 staves, infernal armor and rare ore shields with q3 enchanting on all (should be q4 by weekend ill update when i hit it)

(Disclaimer: they are all just me)

Where are we?

Nested up high in the Temple of the God King and in the humble hamlet below, Sorgom is the home of Agons finest traders and though mainly known among Alfars, with our recently acquired fortified outpost in Gul Jarneth at the edge of Alfar lands, even the lesser races will be able to acquire our rare mats and fine wares.


Bring your mats to Sorgom and anything we gain skill on we will craft for tips only (note: poor tippers will often find us 'busy' next time :P) or you can have us craft with our mats at fair market value with a broad selection of crafting and enchanting mats always in stock. So if you are going to a siege in elflands and need that JB keened and elfslaying, or your clan wants to kill the fire dragon and needs those keened dragonslaying ice bows, we are your one stop shopping experts

Mat Hunting

We have such a broad selection of mats because we are Agon finest mat hunters and will travel to the ends of the world and back to satisfy our clients who rather pay a little more now and know they are getting it, than wait for some deal that may or may not ever come. We have done almost 2m gold our first few weeks as testament to the quality of our service and our we will get you what you need when you need it attitude


We buy sell or trade for any product or craft we do so if you needs some cash brings us your mats and we will buy them on the spot or trade them for other mats or even crafted gear, so even if you dont have cash those old mats gathering dust in your bank could be turned into nice new shine quality gear in minutes!. We will deal in bulk enchanting grind mats to the rarest and most annoying to acquire and are open to all kinds of deals, so if you need something but have something else, see if we can make what you have into what you need.

Middle Manning Services

We are among Agons most trusted traders with the same character name through all DF versions with many millions in gold value having been trusted to me, ask around we stand behind our excellent reputation

Transport Services

Got a load of valuables you need to get from point A to point B without losing, we are your logistics specialists, experts in transport, routing and evasion who can move it for you or with you, advising on all elements from packing, distribution, emergency plans, transport techniques and everything you need to know to get your goods to their destination safely

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