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Even more true if crafters are a precious commodity for clans

Theyre not though, because people juse use crafter alts
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by makaveli -
@makaveli is this where your username comes from?
Not sure how to interpret your question as that tends to be something people refer to as bad but I'll answer anyways. Its an old nic that I've had for almost two decades. It comes from me listing to 2Pac, finding the stories around it quite interesting, then reading the prince.

Reasoning, ruthlessness, logic, planning and detachment from feelings to achieve a goal is something I admire, though it in practice makes a tyrant when focused on personal gain and not the greater good. I've also have problem with lying, which I consider a personal weakness in these specific situations.


Anyways, this seems to be getting quite off topic. What I wanted to say is said in my post related to development times. Whether it is worth something or not is up to you guys but it does seem that my second post stole attention from the one I considered important, that is quite bad and contra productive to the reason I post. I'll save my own eventual beefs to other threads.
Let's say the 5th title really didn't matter to min max.
So now I take 4 combat and 1 crafting.
I can only enchant that 1 craft.
Let's split that build between 5 characters.
Anyone want to do the enchanting grind 5 times?
As long as you can take ALL crafting titles on a single character this game will always be altfall crafting and the vision will always be mocked by paying to make things easier.
To me, that's why 5+2 is a better system. With the +2 being strictly crafting and introducing enchanting title.

Now.. down the road...
I'd like to combine that with what you brought up wild.
I agree that the 5 shouldn't strictly be PvP type titles. I'd love to see interesting ideas (please don't argue the balance of what i list here, these are just quick example)
Horsemanship: mounts 10% faster
Pirate: ships move and turn faster
Tracker: see nearby chaos chests (and eventually) wandering mobs on map
Sneaky: mobs less likely to attack if in party
Annoying: mobs more likely to attack if in party

Top of my head shit. But stuff for the people who aren't pvp focused or some crossover stuff like mount speed that either could use.

General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by cutsmyself -
L2read. Took like 2 mins. Are you one of those people that sounds out every word and has to follow along with your finger?
Trade / Re: Buying some Q2
Last post by Rimamok -
Bump, still buying!
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by Pallist Horror -
Please, I urge everyone interested in the bind stone quest to read this.
I'm interested in the bind stone quests and not in your mumbling about how it should have been done faster. You produced wall of text to state such an obvious thing that it could have been a three liner. If you are narcissistic like Nuyur and you think everyone wants to read your walls of text I urge you to read this:

Please, I urge everyone interested in why wildNothing coked on a dick to read this. Actually no need, but do not worry though, he is fine as practice makes perfect. Did the bold trigger the rage again? How about you write another nonsense repose contributing absolutely noting? I mean really man, wtf did you actually say? That I write a lot and that you, misguidedly so, think its obvious? If the bold text mesmerizes you to the point that you cannot control what to read or not, you got bigger issues than me writing walls of text. Your post could actually have been a lot smaller, maybe even not posted at all?

Writing something in 3 lines gives you no basis for a discussion and it definitely doesn't give merit to what you are writing. For example, it is quite easy for uber or anyone else that matters to brush it off, much like I assume any suggestions coming from you would be handled. If you write a 3-liner and a discussions happens to start, you will have 10 posts going back and forth laying the groundwork for that discussion, which is what I did in my post. Now, considering that you obviously do not know shit about anything of what I wrote, you have no way of possibly stating what I wrote in 3 lines with some credibility to any of it. If you think it can be done, you are wrong and have no foresight.

Considering the fact that you managed to miss the point of the post completely, I not only question your reading capabilities but also reason for posting. If you are unhappy with your life and feel you need to vent some, go on brother. If you actually think its fun insulting people then you gotta come back with something better than that. I don't give a fuck on how fast it is done or when it is implemented, I'm saying that something doesn't add up and I want to know what. I want to know why it takes time, not whine and bitch that it isn't in yet. I can understand that why isn't as important to you and that bitching comes more natural.

I would also think that If you actually had a genuine interested in the bindstone quest you would want to know why it isn't in yet, what the complexity of it is, what the plan of it is supposed to be, in what stages it will be implemented. I would also think that if the complexity is huge, you would want it made in iterations so that it could be enjoyed faster and help the population. According to me, I'm actually helping you in one way or another to get your quest up and running.

If you have no interest in what I'm posting, hit the ignore button. God I hope you read this as it is apparent that you have a problem with how I type. Would actually give me a little bit of joy.




General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by Rimamok -
These guys could threaten the very existence of GLOW!!
@wildNothing - Its not a binary argument, loosening the restrictive nature of the title system isn't going to turn the game into a "single role available to players", it simply adds more options and content without the perception of putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Why change to 5+1 over 4+1 ?  because its a carrot not a stick - 5+1 adds more content, without the stick of having to sacrifice something for access to crafting.  This allows players limited access to craft without feeling like they are putting themselves at a disadvantage or being limited/punished for there choice.

About mandatory melee or magic titles - no one has asked or wants them so why should we consider it ?  I don't think they would make much sense.
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by _SeeD_ -
@makaveli is this where your username comes from?
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by gosti -
this gunna be gud