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Suggestions / Re: Kobold bone drop rate
Last post by wildNothing -
Studded is just a bit cheaper than plate, I don't know why people think it's cheap...
Plate costs few coffee breaks on city mine, "studded is cheaper", but our "scientist" doesn't know why people think it's cheap.
General Discussion / Re: Safe to say roaming for PVP is dead?
Last post by Alberton -
While I have confidence in @Ub3rgames ability to deliver quality, things are seriously quiet now.

We need updates that encourage new players.
How about giving some free accounts to famous twitch players?
Suggestions / Re: Kobold bone drop rate
Last post by Dunnin -
Actually yes, reduce cost. I wanna see people running around in bone instead of robes in pvp. Life of soo many mages could be sooo much easier if they just had bone armor... srly why people still use extravagants... i dont get it. Are people srly that poor?
I think the cost of extravagant should be increased almost 3 times to match the other armors. Studded is just a bit cheaper than plate, I don't know why people think it's cheap...
General Discussion / Re: Safe to say roaming for PVP is dead?
Last post by SomeBK -
After yesterday's roam, I'm done with it.
If i encounter anyone on my path to farm or at a VCP, I'll enjoy the fight. But roaming is dead.
Not only am i done roaming, but i recommend everyone else stops too because you'll just burn out your clanmates and eventually yourself.

What a great fucking feeling it is to suggest roaming and feel the fucking guilt because you just consumed 6+ combined hours of human life for nothing.

See you guys at VCPs or the 1% chance we're farming the same mob.

Is this the same day I talked to you? Your post made me think about some of the problems with the game currently and how our encounter is probably the norm (these guys missed me by around 200-300m in game) and after I was done with my call and came back out after them, I couldn't find them as well before I gave up and contacted Pallist. The world is so big that the size alone causes problems. Its 1024 square kilometers~ which is 395 square miles/253,035.9 acres. For reference, that is twice the area size of New York City. I posted the suggestion below in the suggestion sections under "VISUAL MARKERS FOR ACTIVE PVE SPOTS AND TRACKER TITLE(S)-FINDING PVP ENCOUNTERS"

1- Visual Markers for active PvE spawns in the form of carrion birds flying above. Make them activated some time after the first mob is skinned. Could use the in game bird model and just make them dark, high in the air and not interactive. These would be rendered farther away from the player then interactive mobs

2- Tracking Title. A player with the proper Tracking title can track to an active mob PvE spawn. Titles are broken up between live (blood) and Dead (no blood) mob spawns. The "trail" (in game lore would be "tracking animals and scavangers going away and toward the slaughter) would wind and wander till it finally ended at the PvE spawn. Would use a non-visual text based system of "left", "right", "ahead", "behind" in the system window that would have to be activated (with a cool down) and would pick a random active pve spot in your effective radius. Time to track and the amount of winding-wandering of the trail could take would depend on a number of things like~

a- Tracker is mounted, sprinting, walking and IF you stop moving in the correct direction the trail is lost and title goes on cool down (to counter alt account uses)
b- The amount of time the PvE spawn is active.
c- Day or Night
d- level of title
e- distance you travel away from your "10k" respawn point (familiar area)
f- crossing water

3- Activating the portals for dungeons would cause them to have a visual "cooling" off period which would allow people passing by to know if the portals were activated in a certain amount of time previously (1 hour would be my suggestion)

~ I only spent a few minutes on this, but any input in the post under suggestions would be great.

Wasn't this the guy saying he was playing for only one or two hours each day and getting constant bang during his play sessions after me, @inkarnation and @Big Abbo and @Machinist

Can we get someone who still says the game is thriving to put this clown in his place the way he was yammering a couple months ago?
Suggestions / Gold sinks, material faucets
Last post by Azmoodeus -
Currently as it stands there are barely any gold sinks besides the taxation of global gold, houses and market fees. Ub3r in one of their later patches introduced shit gear to vendors and that was on the right track.

My suggestion is to add local mats of the area to the market and/or the npc's. For instance Whiteview would stock what makes Niffleheim unique at a high price (golem hoarfrost @2-3k ea, snowhide @5k ea, maybe even elemental cloth @1k ea). This would make gold worth in an instant. Traders would know for a fact where they can reliably acquire stuff, crafters would get a steadier supply of mats and wouldn't infringe on their business (can always grind the mats themselves and produce cheaper yet still profitable goods), farmers (lol as if there is anyone left) can still sell their stuff by undercutting the higher prices
Suggestions / Re: Kobold bone drop rate
Last post by Dunnin -
In general bone armor should be much harder to get then any of th eother armors. Its OP as fuck with its 6 traits and enchantable.

Oh in b4 a tunnel visioning single word turbo tard without a basic understanding of semantics comes in and claim the bone only have 3 traits.
Bone only has 3 traits
General Discussion / Re: Safe to say roaming for PVP is dead?
Last post by dread_og -
When I go to a PvE spot to farm (ever since day 1) I never find anybody else there. Logic tells me if I go to other PvE spots there most likely won't be anybody there either so I don't bother. Even if a spawn is farmed 2 hours a day there are still 22 hours in the day when it's empty. If you are roaming and checking that spawn once then most likely nobody is going to be there even though it gets farmed every day. You have no idea what people's schedules are, how much they farm, what mats they value, etc. You are just randomly guessing and hoping somebody is there as you ride past it.
When you say roaming is dead, you really mean that the game is dead. Don't you ....
General Discussion / Re: Safe to say roaming for PVP is dead?
Last post by Pallist Horror -
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Is this the same day I talked to you?
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Yes, same day. That trip was straw on the camels back. By the time you were up for a fight, we were 20+ minutes away and logging off.
All these suggestions as to how to roam and find... I know how to roam. Roxie knows how to roam and has said this before and after this post. Roaming is dying/dead.

As to the rest, we actually were talking about the "general" titles they're supposed to add and we discussed it would be nice if there was some kind of tracking skill. But we said it kinda joking.. never really thought it out.

Playing UW for 3 years and all of indev and launch so far, i learned something. If you activly look for pvp via roaming, you mostly not gonna find anything regardless of population...
I can't speak for UW. But I can speak for DFO and launch. Roaming is a style of play in this game that has always worked. Tracking habits and shaping habits of players is very enjoyable. But with no players, there is nothing to do.

All you people crying, why don't you all meet up somewhere and fight among yourselves, oh wait you won't because you only want to kill sheep, except the only sheep that hung around on this game are the ones too smart to be easy targets.

We do meet up and fight each other. There are friendly duels and wagers made. But isn't that just proving the point that roaming is dead? PvPers are at the point where you arrange fights outside of VCPs.
We don't care to kill sheep. My comments about OTG are in jest and I appreciate how they enjoy the game.
Wolves/Sheep is a joke. Everyone is an potential threat until they are known. Once known as a "sheep" they usually get a bit of a pass in this.

Keeping this on track.. what people love to ignore, VCP's have activity. I'm strictly talking about roaming. The world is incredibly quiet. The time spent traveling from hot spot to hot spot isn't worth it. Congrats to anyone with the attention span or high enough to ride around like that.

3. Run the installer and install Darkfall: New Dawn launcher in the directory of your liking (e.g. C:\Games\DarkfallNewDawn). This step is important as installer makes sure that dependencies, required to run Darkfall: New Dawn are installed (required version of DirectX + VC Redist) + all the required registry entries are setup

Thats the step I can not do though, since it only allows me to download to my HHD. Unless i can make a back up and delete the files on my HHD, then do the instaler and move the lancher to my SSD. Feel like that wouldnt work, would it?
Thank you for taking time to help btw, means alot.