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General Discussion / Re: How to fix the forums
Strange. Also, what's with people altering someone else's already fictitious screen name in an attempt to insult them? I'm trying to empathize with what level of low you have to be at to gain even a grain of satisfaction in changing a couple letters in another person's already fake name
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Shadow Knight
^^^Pretty much this^^^
@_SeeD_  They already gave up, dick breath.
I'm gonna guess his dick breath will outlast Ub3r keeping the game up
Loadlag = rerest. Good rule to follow
Yeah they could have easily went with metal giving melee bonuses and leather giving archery.
Yep. I also feel they could've easily retuned back protection and the original hp regent on metal after the magnitude patch and metal armor would be more desireable
General Discussion / Re: September
Deliverable missed, no ETA, no apology, no communication at all. 

I suppose it should be no surprise at this point.  But I did cling to some hope they would step up their game after failing so visibly.  Alas.
I dont understand why you need an apology, theyre HARD AT WORK and cant post, the problem is probably vets like you

This reply took 3 full man days to make
Now who is the yes man I always see making replies like this?
General Discussion / Re: Management of ADD workforce
ADD people are very good when managed correctly so I agree 100%. My business partner/best friend has it but we work very well together and know where our individual proficiencies are at.

With its relation to Ub3r (if that's the point of this post) I don't think anyone on their team has it. I just think they don't know how to run a business and there's nothing wrong with that. 80% of businesses go under due to poor management of overhead
If i remember correctly leather had similar (or was it exactly the same?) encumbrance as bone armour. It got changed in indev so full leather users couldn't cast offensive spells without encumbrance penalty. There were no titles back then so leather caster wasn't much weaker than bone caster, just the 12% or so magical traits diffrence.

Now, with titles, leather imo could go back to old encumbrance values.
You're correct about leather having lower encumbrance and it was short lived. When back protection was removed from metal armor, a little more encumbrance was added to leather
Media Highlights / Re: Fck it, i got banned!
Mantra is clean then. Now take that stupid fucking graphic off your minimap so people don't even question you
Remember that time he texture exploited into dayar and got a warning from the devs?
Remember that time he placed a siege stone into the texture (at a village, i dont remember where), and had his siege removed by the devs?
Remember that time he promised to place underwater siege stones again because...tamper tantrum about something?

I mean....sure its not a 3rd party software manipulating the game...
But i can cheat at poker by withholding a card and using it later, you dont exactly need a new deck to cheat...

Remember the time devs had no clue about such exploits?
Remember the time the devs forgot to open their mail and just decided to deposit their bills into the paper shredder?
Suggestions / Re: Portal chambers
Game's fine
Just glad we got a poor excuse for the graphic to cover just enough of the mini map to cover the smallest zoom of the old school hack from dfo yet still be able to show the location to still be able to stream snipe.

Again, nothing to see here if the above wasn't true. Definitely not the best hiding place but it's best to look at all the facts and let everyone draw their own conclusions
4 people is a zerg in this game.
2 according to some people in this thread
Small stinky alfar was thinking, that he hide good from big and strong mahrim....

P.s. never try hide after you ride a garmin. It is Double Stink
You play with a graphic that hides the radius the old cheatengine radar used to show incoming players. Just saying

If the above wasn't true there'd be nothing but a shit hiding spot to conclude
Repetitive and boring third attempt of a raging cheater at trying to look cool.


Who inherited the tattered remnants a fantastic Clan (sedition) that was washed down and eventually handed over to the captain of cheating try-hards Raap.

I don't know which is worse,  Raap the notorious cheater or the guys who I played with voluntarily following this guy
Might as well just grind up crafting since no one cares to play with you glass house