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General Discussion / Re: RISE OF AGON
@VexDee You keep talking you soft princess snowflake.
General Discussion / Re: Final Nostalgia Trip
This makes me sad
I'm glad I met and spent time with the friends I made in my clan. Had a lot of good times and got to fill that void DFO had left
General Discussion / Re: @Uber / Marc - dimwits
From your soft snowflake huuurrrrrr
General Discussion / Re: @Uber / Marc - dimwits
^^^ Yet you rode their nuts even while the wheels fell off preaching your dev cum guzzling gargle^^^

Time for you to find another set of devs to blow. Don't forget to tell everyone here how cool your real life is on your way out
General Discussion / Re: new player - looking for clan
Lmfao @VexDee

Fucking love it

-Shit ass management
General Discussion / Re: Did Ubergames give up on DND?
Game is as dead as Ivar once his wife finds out he's been off his soy from binging on whatever new game dev cock he's gargling nowadays
Post more shit Ivar, I want to hear how big of a loser I am and how heavy your nuts are
Not true. You guys missed out on indev which was far better than any other version
Yeah guys I post here daily like Ivar yet I haven't been logged in game since April. The best part about it is Ivar already knows the last time I logged into game was on Sep. 27th when he was at a "bar" with "friends" with his face buried in the new dawn discord while one of the best NFL performances was happening on the tv screens right in front of him.

Stay ez Ivar and keep the posts rolling, shit is treasure for me
I love how the only person Ivar can convince of anything but a retired ub3r nut swinger is himself. I'm loving this shit
This guy is on a different level. It's fucking awesome to see this dude go from dick swinger to full retard hater in a matter of months. Love it
You change the fonts to your posts and use memes in them.

Nuff said
Fucking monkey on the keyboard going to town again. Ah, I'm gonna miss these days when they're finally over
General Discussion / Re: Let's just pretend...
ivar u need professional help
Ivar has to be off his rocker. This shit is fucking awesome right now