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I can't agree more with the OP however his frustrations would be eased if the population was higher.

I don't find anything about local banking immersive but I do like it with a population that can support it. At first I thought the game needed mechanics to support local banking and these shit marketplaces but even if you added those future functions today, it wouldn't bring many back.

I've come to the conclusion that the game world needs to expand and contract with the population without having a cheesy "death fog" like in some battle royale game. The only ways I can see doing this is implementing a buildable/destructible watch tower system that allows you to "link your banks and bindstone respawn points in an area you control so they create natural warfronts and cut out the bullshit of traveling from one end of your area of control to the next.

Also, markets need to ALL be linked with taxes imposed on sales based on how far you are from where they were placed. Cut the fucking tedium and give these supposed "dedicated crafters" an actual market to use.

Game is super fun yet so shit like watching paint dry at the same time.
Media Highlights / Re: MAGFALL at Xirdac
Except you need a balanced group of both playstyles to get anywhere in this game. As usual, you know fuck all.

outside xirdak you dont, just keep flying away as mages and spamming wof+toxic

i have a recruit who new mage can fly, double jump  extra  hieght and speed and epxlosion for more air like Jordans, i couldnt believe what i was seeing it took my mount at sprint and my whole stamina bar just to go down the hill to reach him. Of course he was just standing at his landing spot waiting for me to catch up on mount sprinting my whole stamina bar away, he mighta passed out from boredom i took me a while.
Dafuq is you sayin bruh?
General Discussion / Re: Worth playing...
I always love the armchair devs who try to make calculations about business costs who haven't a fucking clue.

@KevinDL You haven't a clue. Game development for indies is about ingenuity, stubbornness and the ability to weather against all odds. If DND had 50k/mo they'd be able to hire a 8-10 person crew based on the wages in France and their super cheap hosting setup/lack of office.
For what it's worth kevindl is a developer for an indie company. I don't know shit about game developing but I do know that if you went from 2 heads to 8-10, you'd easily incur overhead that exceeds the 50k you're paying these guys regardless whether they're working from home or not. I'd agree with you at 4-6 more devs unless you're paying pretty garbage
Suggestions / Re: Improvements
Add global bank item cap of 125 items/1k kg weight. Either game gets fixed since markets would be flooded or Uber gets even more money from alts for more bank space
Trash can says I post toxic shit in every thread yet somehow resorts to toxic, game unrelated antics when I use logic to corner him in a game related argument.

@Fck Boy I predict in less than 3 posts you'll be one of these three options.
1) Called soft, mentally ill in some way or some personal attack that proves you're obviously wrong.
2) Blocked
3) Ivar will bring up some aspect of his real life he predicts is better than yours to appear superior on the Internet.

The fourth is a hidden option where Ivar reads my blocked post and makes sure he doesn't do any of the above but it only solidifies how much ownage I have over him since he reads every "blocked" post I write.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: lcalcity
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Too bad most college kids aren't playing this game. Try Fortnite forums or something bro
I'd only consider removing it altogether if there was a stat cap added and regen from suits was increased. Both changes would add strategy to setting your stat pools and finding the right suit combination to compliment those pools/playstyle
Watchtowers that connect all your ontrolled banks/bindstones allowing you to respawn and have the same bank in your area of control.

Allows the world to expand and contract with the population and not let it be some travel simulator when population is low
Just return metal armor to the retarded high protections it had with back protection like it was when the armor patch was first introduced. Shit was hilarious being able to spam left click while hp regenerating back shots in full infernal
Guides and Player Help / Re: Game worth joining?
not worth joining atm, try again this winter, or who knows, next

it's worth it for the person I quote, I'm pretty sure he plays... so that's a weird stance.

He must be a masochist or sth.
Game is addicting. Best game ever yet so shit in so many aspects with its potential not even close to be uncapped.

Bittersweet whether you're playing or not
who the fuck cares Bout altfall.  just reset it to the old  rate so its actually worth it to go out
Might as well. At least it will make farming less tedious for those still playing
Sorry but due to past experiences in being in the same clan as Ivar, he tells half truths or spins shit in his favor so I'm going to take Fck Boy's word on this
Suggestions / Re: Global item/weight cap on banks
Altfall for bank space, here we come!

Terrible idea, at this point I think you want to harm the game. Just let it flop on it's own.
More money for Uber at least. Right now you have to AltFall to get shit done so might as well do it for storing your stuff however, for those who don't want to client swap to their "gloves alt", they can throw their shit on the market and buy new shit
General Discussion / Re: ivar thebraindead
@Xipos You do realize there's no qualms with him in the game right? Like the guy knows this already

The issue with Ivar is when you've cornered him during a debate he gives knee-jerk responses like "I have a bigger dick", "My wife has a bice rack", "You're fat", "Your wife is fat", "You're just a _____ {snowflake, softee, heather (wtf is that?), loser, basement dweller etc.}"

You could literally point out something about the game he's debating or how much of a fucking moron he is at placing siege stones or cannons and he'll start off with some delusional shit and once you've called him on his bullshit he picks one of the personal attacks from above regardless whether he's seen you or gotten to know you.

The guy is such a loser he tells his coworkers about the Internet forum chat battles he has. How much more ownage could you have over someone? Feels good living rent free and having billboards with my screen names on them in his head. Dude assumes he actually has a better real life which is hilarious
You tell him Ivar. Make sure to make fun of his assumed weight while telling him you're a such a stud compared to him in real life too.