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August : Summer PTO
September : 2 Sprint for bindstone quest
October : Integration of other stuff they already finished, Play test

On November we are most likely to see some movement

Honestly play the game for what it is, not what it could be, should be, would be crap

There are other games from different genre you can play for next 3 months if you have out grown current DND.

You are not comparing apples to apples.

Ask ex AV employee and they will tell you that NA had twice the population of EU server.

Also, personally, one of the primary reasons why I chose DnD and not RoA is because of better ping and less grind needed(even though I don't agree with most title mechanics).

Having 2 servers in NA (RoA and DnD) would lose some European playerbase and would compete for american one which is not a good change business wise for DnD unless they can take whole RoA population.

What version of DF will these EU player will go to if DND moves to NA? Ub3rgames now has the numbers and hopefully like many other things they can rectify one more mistake.
If you officially move to B2P ( buy to play  but no subscription) then I have no issue with Brightlocker concept.

I know at least one person willing to sponsor partial cost of hosting the server in New York. There are few more on the fence.  If you are serious about maintaining sustainable revenue and want to let community contribute in a non controversial way then post whom they can contact  and what the process will be.

At the end if Ub3rgames fails then we all failed. Many of us have now vested way too much time and would actually like to see one version of DF come to success.
The game has to be hosted in New York to be taken seriously. You can't dismiss NA market.  You have to spend money to make money. Don't let you convenient hosting arrangements cloud your thinking.

Most of the EU players are not impacted.

You can lower ping for
West coast
South America
Korea  Japan
Even Oceania

This mysterious potential for growth from EU server never materialized and never will. Have faith in your product . RoA is not a threat so don't let it be a reason to hide the server in Paris.
So you suggest hiring a CM to babysit forumfall instead of adding a developer or artist....
Suggestions / Re: Forum
These forums are a major turn off for new potential customers. It will be a major waste of time for Ub3rgames to go on marketing offense and have these forums do the opposite.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
Who said they don't moderate? Only took today - 2018-05-09, 16:38:44 to put this filth in off topic section.
They claim to be DFO  vets who 'understood'

They claim to love and dream of DF

They made 6000 posts during InDev

They said

Under new management

It's not a sequel

it's a redemption

How can you claim all this and can't bother writing a one liner post in 4 weeks?

Just a lot of sweet talk from a fake DF lover?
If Ub3rgames will no longer patch the game but just keep it running as is, what will you do?
im ok if uber started charging monthly my 4 accounts since i do want to see this project keep developing rather than it closing its doors.

That ship has sailed. They should have charged as planned. Now that most players got taste of B2P, they will not pay subscription.  They should officially move to B2P and drastically start increasing the player base. RoA will roll out f2p so good luck with DND subscription model lol
Well darkfall Online did have global banking and did have fast travel, it didnt help the game back then either.

RoA with global banking and instant travel failed big as well.
Honestly I am biased but it is very fustrating to see Rust sold over 5 million copies. Compared to DF,  the PvP is such a trash and clunky but millions still play it. What if they got a taste of DF combat.

RoA and DND together sold around 20,000 copies. Even if you add up all DFO, DFUW, RoA, DND box price plus subscription it won't be anywhere near Rust.

Rust revenue
5 million x $30 = $150,000,000 revenue.

Ub3rgames will still argue about subscription when 95% of the players leaves the game after 3 months and will not bring any revenue in subscription model. If they marketed as B2P the base  population would have been so much higher. Remember how they planned to increase  the price after launch lol. Turn this into B2P officially before it all gone.

What if DND sieges we're little more than a capture the flag event.

What if seige weapons, base design, building destruction was actually a meaningful strategy in Darkfall.