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Game Update 2.1:
Wall of Force has mostly been bug fixed, with its area of effect and visuals now matching more accurately. Others have been fixed in the same way, but this should be the most noticeable.
The other arcane field aoe, "holy fire" or whatever, has a giant area of effect radius but small visual to the animation when leveled.  I.e.: can hit like 75% of a VCP If cast at the center, and the visual is about the size of a small bindstone.  Seems like the spells aoe visual doesn't match the spell magnitude.  In other news, I never knew wall of force was so big.
There's a discrepancy in actual AoE size vs visual animation for all/most Field AoE spells.
I hope @Ub3rgames fixes it at some point.
Trade / Re: Selling Ships
Is there a comparison table of ships?
How many cannons, cannon distribution, estimate of HP, speed...
Nobody's gonna comment on JK recruiting Humanlands, but not recruiting Humans?  ;D
Suggestions / Re: Sithras
I'll test armor traits and Sithras as soon as I can get Gorak online to make them.
I wanna say leather armor's traits do boost Sithra damage, but I am really not sure and I don't remember from InDev
By default, debuff spells can't be resisted.
But you can use a self buff (from Arcane is what I wanna say) or Spell Immunity enchant, and those give you a chance to resist debuffs.

IIRC Evil Eye negates/reduces that chance.
Suggestions / Re: Sithras
At the moment, Sithras are unaffected by any title. At least that's what Ub3rgames said when titles were implemented.
Suggestions / Re: Sithras
Considering how insane a grind it is to get to Sithras, I'd be fine if most titles gave bonuses to Sithras (but no penalties).
So, Warrior / Brawler etc would give bonuses. But also Scholar / Potent Mage / etc. And as you suggest - School titles would boost the sithra of their element.
68,8% is the ideal case of stacking bonuses
* full Exarch Scale set (15% AS, 15% DMG)
* full specialization via titles for 13% AS and 13% DMG (all 5 title slots for 1 weapon)
If you're not "releasing all spells as soon as they are done loading" in close combat you've already lost. :)
(With some exceptions of course)
If I'm in close combat, I've already lost ;)
A small tidbit that's rather important when talking about ranged DPS, and especially magic ranged DPS - cast speed is quite often wasted, as you hold your attacks while you aim.

Don't get me wrong - cast speed is plenty useful. But let's not get crazy about theoretical DPS. Nobody has 100% hit rate, and nobody releases all spells as soon as they are done loading.
" (you're limited to taking all or nothing)"

Hm? You sure about that? @Wyverex
For a holding lost in a siege - 100% sure.
For a dropped holding / kicked from clan - I haven't tested it personally, but I was told it worked the same as for siege loss except it's not global.

1) Use mounts. Battlehorn can carry 1500 kg, you can carry 300 kg.
Also, it's not always necessary to move everything. I prefer having some gear + a mount or two in most banks. You could also try selling some stuff and/or smelt your ore, etc to reduce weight of your valuables

2) If you leave the clan or get kicked - all of your personal belongings get placed in "Retrieval Vault", you need to physically come to the bank, press Alternate Use (default: G) and take your stuff (you're limited to taking all or nothing). Bank must be built for it

If the city gets lost via a siege, then you can access "Retrieval Vault" at any bank.

3) Buying remotely is a bit more expensive (I don't remember exactly, but it's 5% or 10% extra), and remotely purchased item stays at the remote bank. Next time you visit that Marketplace you'll be able to take your stuff - but you do need to physically visit that place.

Delivery Contracts are a planned feature, but aren't in yet.
I don't think 1k concurrent is currently happening (I hope I'm wrong), but there is enough to do and have fun if you don't mind mixing a bit of PvE and PvP.
Some areas of the map see more action (wolf, dorf, ork racial lands, especially closer to center), while some areas see almost no action (nif, ruby)

I think it's worth buying the game, especially since there's no subscription cost currently
I think Healing Chant's cast time needs to be 0,5 seconds longer (to increase opportunity cost) but then lower mana drain by 20%.

It would result in a great group heal (both potency-wise and healing per mana spent wise) but come with longer settup time / opportunity cost.
Bonuses from titles are additive.

For damage:
6% (school/weapon) + 3% (scholar/warrior) + 4% (potent/brawler) = 13%

Then do the same for cast/attack speed

And how do both of them apply to the DPS calculation? Multiplicative (you attack 13% faster for 13% more damage = 27,7% higher DPS)
And that's against a target with 0 protections. Once you start calculating it with protections, it becomes a much bigger boost (percentage-wise).

Also, bonuses from Titles ARE multiplicative with bonuses from Gear.
So... 13% dmg from title times 15% from Exarch set and it becomes scary.
(for those curious, it's a 68,8% DPS boost vs nakeds)