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What if DND sieges we're little more than a capture the flag event.

What if seige weapons, base design, building destruction was actually a meaningful strategy in Darkfall.
This current static mega world didn't work in DFO/DFUW/ROA/DND. Won't work even with thousands of players. 

When players abandon holdings all nearby spawn should be gone. All building and assests demolished as well.

When player rebuilds holding spawns re activated.

This will require minimum coding as all the code already exists for this.

This will move population closer and CREATE organic conflict.

Reduce the crazy MINDLESS city building grind so Clan will be in ease to move around the map.  Increase/decrease holding maintenance cost to make center map more active.

More conflict = more population. Even carebear players like myself enjoys conflict.  We have 5 months of data now to prove that carebear game design only lowers the population.  I find most survival games out there 10x more hardcore than current DF and yet all of them have more players in 1 single private server then all total number of DF player :-(

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trade / Temporary work around the 100 slot limit
Just read that "East Alfarian Trading Company" will primary use Shoal and use their 300 slots (100 x 3 toons). You can use nearest market and double that and post different items.

A fair warning is half the market users are not aware of multi market browsing :(


Ub3r Promised: Players don't have to do everything on their own.  They can simply use gold to trade.

Reality: Everybody has to do everything AND more...!!!

Root Cause: Poor design that allowed medium / larger clans to isolate from the economy. Zero cost to hoarding all materials, and gold having little value.

Real Solution: Ub3rgames needs to first understand how Darkfall economy works (not EVE not Ultima Online) and make some bold necessary move. 

Myth: Local banking, no fast travel, title caused it.  It didn't. This is a problem that existed since DFO

Help is on the way: Buy order and courier service will fix this. Not really.

Most solo and small clans are suffering because markets doesn't provide enough with reasonable price.

We traders/crafters can't possibly supply the market to meet the demand with reasonable price without a larger participation from all players especially suppliers of raw materials, enchanting mats and rare ores with a reasonable price.

Problem #1: Storage is free. Storage is unlimited. 

Problem #2:Storage is 100% safe. 

Problem #3:Items never spoils. 

All this leads to NEVER sell anything.  Keep everything because there is Zero downside.

Few here would argue that everything is fine and they just made a killing but these are exceptions.

Lets go through each scenarios:
  • If storage (clan and personal) had a real cost players/clan will keep what they needed and dumped rest on the market.
  • If storage had some risk players will not be hoarding.  They will be throwing unused item on the market.
  • If items had a shelf life, players will use what they need and throw rest on the market.

As a result if the market was well stocked with supplies all the times, then crafters didn't had to become producer.  They would craft and sell and be able to meet all the demand.  The cycle would feed itself. The overall cost would come down. 

Sure certain players are making 80K gold per hour and can afford gear bags costing 50K but MAJORITY of the players are NOT making 80k gold per hour. Query your database if you don't believe me.

The problem continues with stupid amount of useless items one need to craft.  The clan HAS to channel all items through their crafter to power level them.  This reduces raw materials entering the market. 

Then when this crafter quits the game, clan lost all F#@#@$@# investment and needs to start again.  I can understand ub3r doesn't want people to keep switching title to game the system if leveling crafting is that easy, but current system only allow super hardcore to pick dedicated crafting.

Then we have problem of other extreme. We have so  few crafting titles. A person can choose 5 crafting titles and with 3 alts and you can pretty much cover almost everything.  This further discourage more people from choosing crafting because they are COMPETING with their own clan mates.

Certain professions are nearly impossible for non clan crafter/solo crafter to level. These items like high end mounts are starved from markets.

@Ub3rgames  I don't know how to solve these problems, and it is your job to solve them. Without a working economy this game is pointless and might as well be a MOBA. The effort needed to put together a complete gear bag requires too much organization skills to attract non hardcore players.
Those of you never played DFUW here are some video. The game was active much longer than RoA/DND.

Naval Warfare  Aug 22, 2013

Battle of Mar Shal Sept 9 2015 (2 years after release)

Vinterheim Siege June 19, 2013

VS Battle Saints Aug 27, 2014

Sieges, Battle Looting, and Zergs Aug 6, 2014 Long March 35 vs 60 Siege

Early Server politics vs CoE :-)

Darkfall Unholy Wars: Accountability Sept 2013
General Discussion / Next Patch 2.2 or 3.0?
For the next patch, we'll confirm in a few days.
We're still working on the bindstone quests and we have other things nearing completion.
We'll see if we do another smaller patch like a 2.2 or move straight to 3.0.

Even if you don't play MO right now but used same password somewhere else then change it. These retards stored password in plain text...

Data breach notification
On June 17th, 2018 we were notified that our databases might have been breached.

At that time, we cut access to the website from the outside and started an investigation.
We brought in an external person to look into what happened, and today we sadly must tell you that we have indeed been breached.
An unauthorized third party gained database access to one of our servers containing the shop and forum databases.
We immediately started working on fixing the vulnerabilities in the website to stop this from happening in the future.

We do not store any credit card information on our servers so that information is still completely safe.
The breach has been reported to the authorities, and collected logs have been sent to the police.

If you used a password on the forums or in the shop that you use on other sites, then change them immediately!
We also recommend that you change your account passwords.

If you have further questions, send us an email at
I think we are still many months away before @Ub3rgames will start working on Racial Wars but here is a first pass I think is doable in a short time.

Create a very basic Racial Wars framework using existing in game mechanics for quick development and short turn around.

Each Racial Alliance (Faction) will be able to earn Racial Alliance Points (RAP) through various activities.  The 'win' condition is the faction that will first reaches 1,000,000 points. The Racial Alliance Point counter will then reset back to 0 for 7 days.  Game will allow race change during this time. Hopefully a free transfer to the faction with lowest points.

Earning Racial Alliance Points will be distributed/capped by
  • 65% PvP activity
  • 25% PvE activity
  • 10% Others

PvP (65% capped)
Existing Objectives
-Daily points rewarded from number of holding owned by racial alliance (RA)
-If VCP Capped by blue clan then corresponding faction will be rewarded points.
-If Sea Tower is Capped by blue clan that faction will be reward points

New Objectives
-Similar to VCP these micro control points (just a statue) will mostly located in border area can be captured every hour. Each captured point will rewards points. These control points resets to neutral after 60 min.
-Random giant chest will spawn in the world and the approximate sector will be announced. These chests will have a quest item that will need to be brought back to capital councilor to get points.
-Land Tower: Each week at certain time the bindstone of one center chaos cities (Hintenfau or Espenhal or Ottenhal) will randomly becomes vulnerable.  The race that 'captures' it earns lots of points. Regardless the city will still remain Chaos.

PvE (25% capped)
-Each Champion killed reward some points
-Each Quest completed reward points
-Each high level monster killed rewards points

Others (10% capped)
-Each treasure map turned in gives points
-Selling used armor to Capitol Councilor rewards points. Higher the rank better.
-Donate gold to councilor to earn points.

What other exitings mechanism can be recycle for Racial War with minimum coding/artwork?
General Discussion / Momentum : keep it going
I am see slight increase in activities.

Next patch on top of bind stone quest and magic school please open up sea towers.  Make Astrolabe more easily attainable.

You took too long to make sieges cheaper and 90% of the server population left without experiencing a single seige.
Suggestions / Make islands more expensive to live
Many of these clans goes to these islands and then quit. The population is not high enough to support mainland AND 4 islands. Increase med cost by x2 for these holdings on the island so that people will have more incentives to live in the mainland. This will benefit EVERYONE.
 increase market listing to 60 days

Increase number of slots to 200

Next to recover add a button call relist which will relist is in the original price

Justification : This will allow trader to cover more markets and help some of the unhealthy markets.

Yesterday BPG talked about changing their VCP. You will be able to queue up. As soon as enough people signed up, you will be thrown into a timed event. If you die during this time event, you keep you gear at respawn  so you can keep fighting.

The whole project is all over the place with their Vusion...
Suggestions / Temporary buff attributes to 105
If players are already 100 then drinking those new delicious
attribute elixir gets there attributes to 105 for 12 hours or death.