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I think we are still many months away before @Ub3rgames will start working on Racial Wars but here is a first pass I think is doable in a short time.

Create a very basic Racial Wars framework using existing in game mechanics for quick development and short turn around.

Each Racial Alliance (Faction) will be able to earn Racial Alliance Points (RAP) through various activities.  The 'win' condition is the faction that will first reaches 1,000,000 points. The Racial Alliance Point counter will then reset back to 0 for 7 days.  Game will allow race change during this time. Hopefully a free transfer to the faction with lowest points.

Earning Racial Alliance Points will be distributed/capped by
  • 65% PvP activity
  • 25% PvE activity
  • 10% Others

PvP (65% capped)
Existing Objectives
-Daily points rewarded from number of holding owned by racial alliance (RA)
-If VCP Capped by blue clan then corresponding faction will be rewarded points.
-If Sea Tower is Capped by blue clan that faction will be reward points

New Objectives
-Similar to VCP these micro control points (just a statue) will mostly located in border area can be captured every hour. Each captured point will rewards points. These control points resets to neutral after 60 min.
-Random giant chest will spawn in the world and the approximate sector will be announced. These chests will have a quest item that will need to be brought back to capital councilor to get points.
-Land Tower: Each week at certain time the bindstone of one center chaos cities (Hintenfau or Espenhal or Ottenhal) will randomly becomes vulnerable.  The race that 'captures' it earns lots of points. Regardless the city will still remain Chaos.

PvE (25% capped)
-Each Champion killed reward some points
-Each Quest completed reward points
-Each high level monster killed rewards points

Others (10% capped)
-Each treasure map turned in gives points
-Selling used armor to Capitol Councilor rewards points. Higher the rank better.
-Donate gold to councilor to earn points.

What other exitings mechanism can be recycle for Racial War with minimum coding/artwork?
General Discussion / Momentum : keep it going
I am see slight increase in activities.

Next patch on top of bind stone quest and magic school please open up sea towers.  Make Astrolabe more easily attainable.

You took too long to make sieges cheaper and 90% of the server population left without experiencing a single seige.
Suggestions / Make islands more expensive to live
Many of these clans goes to these islands and then quit. The population is not high enough to support mainland AND 4 islands. Increase med cost by x2 for these holdings on the island so that people will have more incentives to live in the mainland. This will benefit EVERYONE.
 increase market listing to 60 days

Increase number of slots to 200

Next to recover add a button call relist which will relist is in the original price

Justification : This will allow trader to cover more markets and help some of the unhealthy markets.

Yesterday BPG talked about changing their VCP. You will be able to queue up. As soon as enough people signed up, you will be thrown into a timed event. If you die during this time event, you keep you gear at respawn  so you can keep fighting.

The whole project is all over the place with their Vusion...
Suggestions / Temporary buff attributes to 105
If players are already 100 then drinking those new delicious
attribute elixir gets there attributes to 105 for 12 hours or death.
Suggestions / Sell item X in Market weekly quest
A quest to sell certain mastery item in the market. It will give clan crafters incentives to visit city once a week.
I was completely against the idea of adding items to vendor but it largely didn't impacted my business in Marketplace.

I am warming up to the idea of placing more items including maybe raw resources in vendor as long as they are 2x to 3x more expensive then average market value.

This is a good way to remove gold from economy and players desperately needs something can pay a premium price. Gold now means something.

Are they by definition criminal/traitors and therefore don't belong to a faction? Therefore can't participate in objectives or red itself becomes a faction?

Last few patches been great to fix core issues but we are loosing players.

Most of the items in your pipeline will improve the game but will not reverse this trend.

Like any smart business, this is the time to pivot.  Drop everything you are working on and move to racial warfront. Followed by increasing quest and PvE

DND is suffering from blank canvas syndrome due to shortage of ink (sand). You simply don't have the resources to add enough sand. Players after reaching certain stage are loosing interest .Warfront will give majority of the players an overall objective and quest will help them fill the dead time in between.

Finally come in terms with reality that this game can't sustain as subscription model. Stop scaring potential customer. Make it officially a "buy 2 play" game which will make it reach maximum players with proper advertising.
Two of my friends were quitting DF. They got tierd of same old and passive game style in their old clan not to be named. They joined Enclave to give DND last chance and it worked out very well. They are happy and playing more than ever.

The grunt work to fix DF is on Ub3rgames but many of these  adhoc clans are really hurting the game with mismanagement and inactives. I really wish there was a way to get ride of inactive clans just like holdings. It is far too easy for anyone to start a clan, spam racial chat, invite players then make them quit the game.  
Back to actual game discussion  8),8612.msg154536.html#new

Next week patch:
Skinning and scaling overhaul:
- A new even more frontloaded curve for scaling. This should feel like a slight buff to groups, but a major buff for solo and groups bellow 5 players.
- RNG equality: Scaling will no longer increase probabilities, everyone will be equal when facing the odds.
- A vast majority of skinning material will now be a guaranteed drop. Should be a buff in many cases.
- For those where we couldn't make the jump to 100%, we favored higher probability while lowering the quantity per skin. Output should be more consistent.
- Skinning skill, wisdom and title will still impact probabilities, but the numbers shown on the map will be the rates for a lvl 0.
- Skinning will be faster for all.

Walk of Shame:
- Instant transportation across the map will not happen, but we can try to alleviate the pain upon death.
- The current respawn radius will be slightly increased, allowing for an increased "natural" range of operation for players.
- A single explicitly chosen bindstone will remain available at an extended radius.
- Owners and guests in houses will have the house as an additional choice in that extended radius.

VCP tweaks:
- We're increasing meditation points gains for both victors and other participants.
- All resources needed in mastery armors will have a chance to drop, similarly to rare ores.

Being worked on for the next few patches:
- We'd like to continue tweaking monster spawns. Please participate in this thread for spawns that you find too hard or still too slow.
- This applies to daily dungeon quests as well. Some have been made faster to complete and more enjoyable while some seem now too hard.
- The remaining announced magic and combat changes.
- We'll address the grind discrepancy between magical and physical playstyles. May look similar to how witchcraft is setup skill linking wise.
- A way to recover items from a holding after having been abandoned, kicked, or de-allied. No instant transport, just recovery.
Suggestions / Med points shortage solved
Bring some of the repeatable quest to player holding NPC. The owning clan can turn in these quest daily. The med rewards are higher. This will give people incentives to log more frequently. Holding values will go up. A better solution then simply increasing VCP rewards.