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General Discussion / Anniversary
One-year anniversary since launch is closing in.
Game was set to launch on 26th of January, in reality it launched on 27th. Since both of those dates fall on weekend this year, combined with the fact Ub3rgames was often late with their patches... if anything comes I'd sooner expect it a few days after that.

So, what do you think, what, if anything will happen for the anniversary?
Trade / WTS Dragon Armor
We recently hit Armorsmith Mastery 100, so we're selling Dragon sets:

Prices if the trade happens in an Alfar NPC city:
* Dragon Set (missing sleeves, pants, elbow guards):
30 Theyril Ingots & 35 Dragon Scales

* Dragon Set + Full Plate fillers:
35 Dragon Scales & 30 T ingots & 4 S ingots
35 Dragon Scales & 32 T ingots

If you want our crafting alt to move to anywhere else, we'll conduct the trade at 5T fee.
General Discussion / Power Hour - opinions
So, what are your opinions on Power Hour and do you think it's making people log in and play, or do you think they log off to meditate as soon as PH ends?
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Izkand giveaway
Hello everyone.

We're giving away Izkand.

City of Izkand is located in central-eastern Cairn. You'll have TFK (Alfars) and Jungle Kingdom (Human/Elf/Dorf) as neigbours.
City has 3 nodes: Farm, Grove, and Quarry. It's partially built (Keep lvl 1, some walls, general store, all crafting stations except Enchanting Wheel, and all 3 nodes).

In close proximity of the city are:
* several VCPs
* Theyril Golem
* Erodach
* Dark Dragon
And, obviously, lots of Cairn Giants, Eodrins, and various Minotars.

If you're interested, send me a PM or post here.
Questions and Answers / Magic Schools
Maybe this is a bit too early as dust still hasn't settled + Raw still doesn't do what it should...

But my question to the community is, how would you rate schools now? Either Tier 1 (great) to Tier 3 (subpar), or on a scale of 1 to 5, or anything...

PS would be nice if you provided a bit of reasoning behind your choices
Suggestions / [content] Rework Trade Routes
A simple idea, imo.

Trade Route rework:
* Trade Route starter and end points become open 24/7
* maybe even allow travel from and to any of the 4 points, instead of making them one-dimensional
* reward scales with how fast you turn it in - which incentivizes their pathing being more predictable
* New NPC "shady helper"; players can "bribe" him to give them info on last 1h of activity
- number of players who bought trading goods in the last 1h
- estimate of their current location (actually read that player's location and give a +-100m random and then draw a 150m circle around the random location)
- Bribe cost scales with number of players that bought trading goods in the last hour
Suggestions / Mount cargo limit

Since adding a new transport mount (packmule of sorts) would probably require a lot of work, how about you do a quick change to the carry weight limit of current mounts?

Something like:
* Bluetail 400 (up from 300)
* Racial mount 1000 (up from 600)
* Battlehorn 2000 (up from 1000)

Give us tools to use local banking properly, since any teleportation is off the table.

PS making some items/resources weight less would also help (please do both @Ub3rgames )
Mobs that were previously easy to solo with a Plate/Scale mix and a shield, now go through my health like a hot knife through a butter.

So the question for @Ub3rgames is, is this an intended change (if so, why isn't it in patch notes?) or is it a bug?
Suggestions / Make potions great again
It's a simple idea, aimed at giving players more options and opening the market to new crafters.

Rescale potion cooldown in such a way it's based on potion size:
* drinking a small potion starts a 30 second cooldown
* drinking medium potion starts a 45 second cooldown
* drinking a major/special potion starts a 60 second cooldown

Also, please fix crafting times for potions. It currently takes more than twice the time to make a medium potion than it takes to make a major one.
Suggestions / Leveling Speed & Frontloading
Hello everyone.

I'd first like to say that frontloading works great, but frontloading is not understood / known by most players.
Getting a skill (that does not have a mastery) to level 30 already makes it have 50% of possible bonus (there's a saying going around "30 is the new 50")

What does suck are:
* slow speed of unlocking abilities
* almost no in-game information on how frontloading works

So, I would like to suggest 3 things:
  • Increase leveling speed for 1-30 range. Allow everyone to easily get to 50% efficiency in their spells/skills
  • Increase leveling speed of Spell Schools - make spells easier to unlock.
  • Explain Frontloading to new players, or at the very least hint at its existance

PS this post/suggestion is about combat abilities and skills, not about crafting. I find crafting too boring and worthless to do on my main.

PS2 while on the subject of spell unlocks, check my previous thread:,8192.0.html
Trade / [Alfar Lands] WTB Extravagant Robes (bulk)
As the title says, I'm interested in large quantities of Extravagant Robes (I'd prefer 50+).
I'd prefer to pick everything up in Bel Melek.

PM me on the forums with the price and quantity you could supply.
Simple - male ALL gear require enchanting mats to craft, so nobody can afk gather mats for their gear.

Please and thank you

Now that some of the spells are locked behind titles and do not require grinding the school to unlock, some weird things are happening: you can unlock a spell long time before you can start leveling it.
For example, Spell Reflect is still tied to Intensify (100 Arcane), yet it unlocks on day 3, whereas Wall of Force is tied to Mana Efficiency (50 Arcane) and unlocks on day 15.

@Ub3rgames are there any plans to revisit linked spells' level unlocks / linked sub-skills?

Also a related issue: You plan on switching some spells between schools. Any plans to lower the unlock levels of some remaining spells in schools that are losing spells?
Example Witchcraft is losing 3 spells, a lvl 1 one, a lvl 60? one and a lvl 90 one. Yet it still has a spell that unlocks at lvl 100 (and is tied to Intensify, making it a pain to level).
Suggestions / Subscriber-only subforum
@Ub3rgames Any chance we could get one sub-forum for discussion that anyone can view, but only subscribers can post?
Hello peeps.

We're dropping 2 hamlets, if there's any interested parties, post here.

Hamlets in question are:
Ul'Turah - hamlet on a small island; has a farm, proximity to some villages and the Ruby dungeon
Mohera - hamlet on south - south-east side of Ruby; has a quarry and is right next to Fluffy. Also close to a village

If nobody says anything publicly we'll drop those hamlets tomorrow so you'll be able to grab 'em without publicity.