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Trade / WTB placed house / house deed (any type)
Looking to buy a property! Can pay in gold or some mats.
Trade / WTB House deed
Wanna be a landowner.
Removing them was a really bad idea, this only promotes afk harvesting and crafting even more. Now all those nude afk alts even don't need to have a bag full of pickaxes with them.
My suggestion is that you need to add tools back, but they should be purchased from NPC vendors only (not craftable, not dropped from mobs) and cost quite a lot (like 100g-200g per tool at least) to help to remove at least a bit of gold from the game.
Suggestions / Please add an official political map!
Ub3r please implement an official drama-free political map to show who owns holdings / controls villages in real-time. That's not hard to do but will make ingame experience a bit better both for players and clans.
Questions and Answers / Ginger Magican
I miss him.
Clan Recruitment / Brother of War
Any BoW oldies from DF1 EU server still around maybe? 8)