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I am trying witchcraft/necro and although the damage of witchcraft is good, It's a PITA to land dps when compared with splash from r90's and r50 spam. Also necro leech seems weak since I can't put opponents on the defensive due to lack of stat drains.
Suggestions / Necro Suggestion
Since Necro doesn't have 2ndary effects like floating effects, knock ups, 40% stat damage, etc.. Bump the health drain to 20%.

An idea would be to make each spell cost health in addition to it's mana/stam cost, and have the school drain more or vamp touch drain more. A risk vs reward playstyle.

My 2c.
Trade / WTB Necro books
10k ea or mats PM here or in game Dirus TerroraX
Suggestions / Moderate your forums
Same kids spewing the same shit for months. Put an end to it, we need fresh meat in darkfall.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Terror's Review on Magic meta
First off this list isn't intended for anyone intending to hold LMB down during a fight. You're dead to me.

Fire: Good bolts, excellent array of utility spells, the mobility king, and good knock ups. This is the school that all schools should be put on par with. Very solid.

Air: The problem child of ND. Bolt is a bit slow, but the combined utility of air is unmatched. The floating effect of the r50 goes through walls and it's just plain retarded. Small knock up and fast moving r90 also features tornado (mage whirl wind), extra stam damage, and a ray that goes through walls (good for water and villages).

Earth: A school with fast spells and decent utility. This could be seen as a "sniper school". Currently earthquake is dogpoo and it may one day be the savior a school that lacks short range capabilities.

Water: Losing toxic was a big blow, this schools has it's only utility spells titled. Great aoe for blind, slow spells (minus bolt as of latest patch). Short ranged, good cast time on the r90 but debuffs need top gear to be useful. Like air, extra stam damage and minor knock ups, along with a rail gun ray.

Arcane: A school that demands your upmost attention. You must be a god of bolts, and use proper gear to make your WoF pull properly. Reflect isn't bad, should piss off your mage buddies.

Necro: The hot chick in your class. This is the go-to school for pairing. Eye rot is amazing. If this school only had eye rot and you needed a title for it, it would still be worth it.

Raw: I think someone was drunk and said; "Fuck it! We're putting these last spells in le raw school". Their baguettes may have been getting cold. This school has above average damage on it's very, very slow spells and it ignores armor. No aoe, no ray. It really needs missile barrage to be cool in order to be picked. Burden is amazing still.

Infliction: Similarly to necro this school shines via a single spell, Toxic rain. Sporting r50 damage per tick cycle (2 max). The spells in this school are slow, and tick over time but ignore armor. The r50 has an added piercing debuff that has good duration. Neat school, a pain to farm with, but usable in a melee heavy server.

Spell chanting: One good title spell, healing blast. It heals as much as a weaker r90. The buffs heal a small amount of stats, though the duration could be much better. Your heals become pretty good, and your friends will demand you heal them while they grind.

Witch Craft: Every spell in this school has an obnoxious Sound FX. Each debuff when titled has a lower than average damage that ignores armor. Witches brew is a good heal-other spell and combines well with Spell chanting for a support build. The school features no ray, no aoe, and every spell needs to be basically be a dead on hit to be useful on a slow bolt speed.

If you are considering a hybrid build, you are limited by gear. Currently there is no hybrid gear, and mixing and matching isn't in the best state the game could be in. Your biggest enemy is magnitude. Pick a school that won't be hindered heavily by magnitude. (2ndary effects) Like, pull of wall of force, debuff of water, etc.. All bad if not using pure mage gear.

Mana missile is the real meta.
GL, flame on boys.
- Water Magic:
    - Slow and Delayed shot: Reduced cast time, increased base duration to 16s, increased velocity to 70m/s, magnitude multiplied by 1.5.
    - Icicle's velocity has been increased from 60m/s to 70m/s.


Delayed shot did not receive the increased magnitude.

Love the changes so far, icicle is awesome and the duration of the debuffs are nice. Maybe going up to 2x magnitude to counter haste would be good.

Debuffs and buffs cancel each other out. Except for haste/slow. Slow/delayed shot being signature spells could at least be on par with their counter parts. This could be a good step in making water a semi-viable school. Let's go ub3r, I've been gimp long enough now!

I am having a difficult time adjusting to ND class system.

Does anyone have good footage of epic magery? I don't mean groups where you sit back and play backline bitch. I am having a difficult time understanding why my spells cost 50% of the potential stat damage they can deliver. I haven't ran into good or many mages, can someone show me the way? I play with 150 ping.
(coolstory time)

In DFO I spent a lot of my time playing as a destro. Focusing on mounted combat, pole WW, GS stickies, and Dagger ballerina moves.

The most annoying spell to be hit by to me was Slow and Delayed Shot. It threw off my timing and made my stickies a bit trickier to get a hold off in the midst of the chaos that was DFO larger combat.

This is why I picked water, well that and Toxic. I didn't see that toxic was moved to a non-existent school (I didn't play the majority of indev) and I was left with ice storm with increased damage and a garbage snowy effect. Blizzard was normalized but the projectile speed is still slow as balls. Again, I had no way to test this until I got 100 Water. You not only made Water the only school to have lost its main AoE but you gimped the debuffs. They currently do a rough 10% atk speed reduction lasting about 30s with super skills. The duration is fine, but the atk speed reduction is too low. I much rather shoot a r50 spell.

Comment if I am wrong ub3r. Ty.
Suggestions / Remove system log
takes like 30s to alt+f4 once someone hits your system. Why would you punish people making the trek to go to a holding and risk the unnecessary walk of shame, with a notice that people show up? oh guys alt+f4 on everyone... It's silly.

Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Where is the bang?
I am looking for regular bang sessions during NA evening to nights. That is 9pm-5am UTC (take a hint ub3r, Universal Time. Paris is -2 UTC, I swear to god I am going to burn all the baguettes if I catch you with this paris time nonsense.)

Please help a guy out, do your part to get this lonely guy a proper bang session before everyone quits on me. :(
Should I level Fire school in the meantime? I am not sure what timeline before explosion gets nerfed. Currently, It makes you much faster in water, allowing kids to hop away from my leet mana bolt spam.

Is there an eye-ball time frame? Or Should I switch to fire?
Bugs & Feedbacks / The Mage Grind Review
I'd like to start that the single most important part of this MMO is the new player experience. We need people to fight, simple as that.

I keep reading this forums about the grind being terrible, but honestly it's not that bad. Once spells hit 40 they are pretty good at that point. Regs are easier to get, and it gives you a form of farming vs skill gain dynamic enhanced by the power hour. Also farming with friends is encouraged, no more solo grind.

The spell damage was normalized, although you are super late in magic schools, so it's welcoming for new players to pick a spell school they think is cool. The armors are a great, the are setting self made classes. This is good stuff.

The BAD right now is:

Unlocking spells via magic schools. It takes a long time to get your school to 100 so you can unlock your "nukes" in order to create a proper feel for a mage and it's particular school. THEN you have to grind it all out. Let players get magic school faster or unlock the spells quicker.

Magic Titles. I get that you are trying to time-lock magic schools to prevent constant switch of meta, but right now what you are doing is preventing players from testing out spells and mechanics. 2 and a half weeks just to see if they like the 2nd spell is ridiculous. This may have worked in eve online, but that was a text game and it isn't a fast paced action fps fantasy mmo.

Imagine you never heard of DFO before, and you come to try it. You keep hearing about MageFall and how it used to be, and you want to get into it. Then comes the question what should I level? People will then tell you what used to be good, no single clue on the new changes for up coming spell schools. We all read the previews, but until it comes out, no one can be sure. So a player will start in a school, realize they may like something else or have no access to the school nukes/aoe etc..

It's just a concept of player experience. Unlock spells sooner for them to play EVEN if they lose them by switching out of the schools.

Anyone know if those two spells share cooldowns? They are both aoes.

I'd hate to waste 2 weeks worth of title building just to find out I can't use it in rotation.
Since It takes 10 weeks to max your titles I went ahead and took infliction school asap. Is there talk on when it will be released as a school? Will it wait until the entirety of the magic revamp?