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General Discussion / Re: Ub3r's update from Sept 18 2018
IB4 the biggest fucking drama queen gaming community I've ever witnessed posts some angst about something
RoA  >>  that way

In fact, their top post  right now is some dramatic DND alert!
Wild West Online, a game I thought had some merit. Currently 10-30 daily players...
as long as they are 2x to 3x more expensive then average market value.

But they need to make sure that the prices *are* higher.

Before launch mages were crying over vendor prices of 6g for reagents were much too high. But the fact is that 6g is too low a price for mandrake in the vendor, and that players could often sell mandrake for 7-8 g if it was not for the vendors ruining that business. This would also make it more attractive to gather the item, providing more gameplay. So this is a (small) example of vendors killing the entertainment value of the game.
General Discussion / Regarding a certain other game
No, not that game.

But EVE Online has after 15 years just announced, believe it or not, instanced dungeons. And at the same time also introducing "transmuted" gear with stats tthorugh the process randomly become either better than anything, or trash.

I don't like it - do you think it has any relevance for DND or RoA? We know that Ub3r devs have drawn much of their inspiration from there.
There is no world chat.
There is a racial chat, though a lot of players have this closed sadly.

Actually, there is both a racial chat and a racial alliance chat.

The racial chat in this case would be for dwarf race. Only dwarves can see it. Nobody uses it, although it is good for warnings about attacks around the starter cities.

The racial alliance chat is for dwarf + human + elves. The other races cannot see it, which means you can never communicate generally with the other races (ork, alfar, puppies)
General Discussion / Re: Live update patch 1.2 notes
From ther photos, Ub3r staff seem to be in their early 30's.  For many/most "smart" people, it's a time when they're experienced enough to be arrogant about their "abundant" knowledge.  But not experienced enough to know how limited their knowledge REALLY is.  This is the"bitch slap" phase, where they will repeatedly get bitch slapped for thinking they know more than they do.  The skill that Ub3r is obviously slow to learn (like many are) is to LISTEN. 

Once you embrace how complicated the world REALLY is, you learn to not trust only your own brain so much, and start to listen more and tap into all the experienced brains around you.

Some good examples of life bitch-slapping you into becoming a better listener:
- you launch your game 6 months late
- your late launch is woefully incomplete
- your pop is way way down 2 months after launch

To listen doesn't mean doing everything people tell you, by any means.  But it DOES mean really REALLY listening with an open mind.  And not automatically jumping into "defensive" mode when people put out constructive (or not so constructive) criticism. 

I don't really enjoy coming across as a pretentious ass with unsolicited "life coach" advice, but I've heard so SO many people complain about the lack of listening.

Will they learn before DND fails?  Not looking promising, but the world is full of surprises.

What the fuck did I just (half) read.
General Discussion / Re: Live update patch 1.2 notes
@Ub3rgames Please thank your developer for adding player's OWN items into the main buy list. Small change but one that really helps as don't have to keep switching to Sell tab to double check prices.
All I need on top of that is the ability to cancel my order as I see it, in the same window! (instead of switching and looking for my order somewhere else)
General Discussion / Re: Live update patch 1.2 notes
- Base on-sale taxes have been reduced to 5%.

Hell yes.

- Sellers will now see their own sales in the general list of available items.


General Discussion / Re: Player housing?
Why? One bind slot is one more than you have without a house in that area.

What would be really great would be if they developed housing in player holdings and npc cities too.
Yea remote view and remote buy are horrible additions, never should have gone that way. You are screwing the people that actually want to play your game as a trader, in order to accomodate those that could not care less about the economy side and are focused only on combat.

But buy orders and contracts are awesome and will ensure more activity.
That is great news.
General Discussion / The problem with markets atm
There's nothing technically wrong with the markets now, except we still don't have buy orders. But the interface etc is fine.

But markets are stagnating. Instead of inflation we now have deflation. Where timber and iron was close to 30g three weeks ago, it is now going way under 20 (14g for iron ore in Sanguine earlier today). Huge amounts of reagents for 3g are amassing in capital markets. Nothing much is selling.

I believe the reason for this is clans no longer have need for the markets, they are self-sufficient where they live. I am sure most clans are happy with this, BUT Uber promised a game where markets would remain an essential feature for everyone.

The road towards this vision is simple: continue regional tweaks of ressource drops. Clans that live in different corners of the map should not harvest the same (rare) ressources, and they should therefore make use of the markets to sell those ressources they have lots of, and be able to buy the ressources they don't have easy access to.

I hope Uber will enhance the regionalisation and over time. With more players visiting, the markets would also sell more general stuff.
General Discussion / Re: Goodbye local market place
But there is still the danger of picking up the goods and local banking.
Hands up those that have ever been killed while riding at full speed between the capital city and the next town over. There is zero danger involved.

As said above, traders will be reluctant to support several local markets when they know that all buyers can immediately see how the prices compare with the capital. What people often don't understand is that traders actually take an economical risk in order to help you shop conveniently. The 10% tax is punishing - personally I have goods up in 19 markets right now - that's right, I support 19 markets with reagents and mounts, but at slightly higher prices in the small markets. Nevertheless, people are happy to buy.

But I don't see that happening much in the future - you will all have to go to the capital every time.
General Discussion / Re: Goodbye local market place
Well that sucks. I hope players will be really lazy and still buy my stuff in the small markets.

Any way you look at it, this change will lessen the diversity of the game.