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Media Highlights / Re: I think I'm Lost - Rubaiyat
I don't like alfars. But I like your video, well done sir.
I upgraded from a AMD Phenom x4 950? to a Intel i5 3570 and there is a small yet noticeable performance increase high settings and default shader . However I still have to turn off Ambient shadows, otherwise inside cities frames per second drop below 30. If you turn down the settings you should be able to play with a less powerful processor.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: problems patching
Create a new folder "inside darkfall directory or somewhere else" and copy "Lobby.exe updater.exe updater.ini" into the new folder now try to launch Lobby.exe from there. It fixed the issue for me
NPC's now have a more varied selection of items for sale:
    - Weapons and bows up to r30.
    - Rank 0 Shields.
    - Medium staffs up to Traitor's glory.
    - Armors up until scale, leather and fine robes.
    - Racial mounts and rafts.
    - Lizard on a stick and minor potions.

wow!  lol!!  guess the crafter playstyle wasnt a big hit; crafting alts reign supreme.

How much more expensive are they in vendor? Someone list few items
r0 goblin axe 360gp
r10 hatchet 440gp
r20 handaxe 720gp
r30 Revenant Axe 1280gp
same price for other weapons but staffs

scale cuirass 1120gp
leather cuirass 1120gp
fine robes 2400gp

tribeland bear figurine 6000gp
I need to test this changes on more mob spawns, but I think it's a bit to much on the spawns I tested. You can barely loot let alone skin the graves. I think they should tie it to how fast you could clear the spawn and only if you reach a certain threshold increase the spawn rate up to a maximum rate set by the developer team .

On a side note I think this is a good countermeasure to alt farmers as they may get overwhelmed by leveled spawns with increased spawn rate
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Patching failed (#15)
I should have mention that I removed the state.sfs file , also i do not run any antivirus applications on this machine.
I did dual log with a second account and do have reshape installed (reshade is acting up if running 2 clients). Maybe this caused this issue not sure
You can attach your mount and use it as mobile strongbox it cannot be stolen in this state but must be killed to get the inventory items
You can still detach mount or break into mount inventory.
Good to know :P
Get as far from a bank as possible for herb gathering a remote island or one of the 4 outer islands like ysamm for example. It can yield 3-4 items per swing and much less mandrakes drops then on mainland. (seriously they need to fix mandrake drops on mainland..)

You can attach your mount and use it as mobile strongbox it cannot be stolen in this state but must be killed to get the inventory items

potions do not sell well for me unless some stamina potions here and there go with staff crafting or tailoring
General Discussion / Re: Why did you stop playing?
I stopped playing because it's spring.. And I live outside in the real world in the spring and summer. Winter and fall is when I play DF (and other games0.
This also applies to me. I play here and there in the late evening tho
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Patching failed (#15)
Does not fix the issue for me. i did ipconfig /flushdns and run Wireshark to verify I'm not blocked from the patch server. It must be something else
Bugs & Feedbacks / Patching failed (#15)
Since last Update I got this Error message when starting the Launcher

Patching failed: '(#15)' . Patching will restart in a few minutes.

I could bypass this issue by copying the launcher into a different folder

I moved lobby.exe updater.exe updater.ini "com" and "jre" folder into a new folder outside the game installation directory .

I noticed a strange behavior of my game client shortly before this issue started . it creates 2 empty (zero bytes) files called d3d9.dll and lpk.dll the d3d9.dll prevents the game from launching unless i removed the file .. not sure if this is connected somehow..
Suggestions / Re: Remove weapon sheath and skinning
yes it's annoying. It should be kept for player graves tho.
General Discussion / Re: AMD vs. INTEL for DND ?
Go with Intel for gaming . I regret purchasing the bulldozer 8370 I got it cheap for 100€ used with the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 and I'll resell it once i get a i7 2600k or i5 2600k and keep the mainboard for my old Phenom II B50 x4

Unless you compile computer code or process large videos etc.. the Bulldozer cpu's ain't no good
Suggestions / Re: PVE suggestion
They added this late in dfuw lifespan and it was great. You also needed a key to open the chest dropped by the boss mob.
You had to kill a certain amount of mobs to make the boss appear in certain spots on the map


Map everyone could see when and where the boss spawned (this is a champion icon but same system used)
Fortunaly chat is rather dead at the moment (mahirim orks) but you can find a list of chat commands on this website

or type /help in chat or system tab to output the full list of game commands

For example
/say is local 300m public chat
/race is racial chat (blue)
/alliance racial alliance (blue)
/trade racial alliance trade chat (blue)
/chaosracial ? is for reds