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General Discussion / Re: day 200
General Discussion / Re: Where is everyone?
@kranecu Maybe not the only one, but game's dead.
Not that the game is bad, but no point playing the game when dev team is gone and future is uncertain.

Most of the players either completely quit Darkfall or moved over to RoA
Guides and Player Help / Re: To Buy or Not to Buy
In case this isn't another bot post, I'll bite :)

If you buy any Darkfall: New Dawn package (even the lowest one at 20 €), you can play it as much as you want.
But you'll mostly play it as a single player game, as the game is pretty dead. Devs faced some financial trouble and more or less there's no more devs, only 1 guy hoping to pull things off..

You could also check Darkfall: Rise of Agon, last I heard it's free2play. Combat is similar, world is almost the same...

PS both Darkfalls have insane learning curve (at least to be any good in PvP; PvE is a lot easier)
We did some duels up until about a month ago, but even that has since died and most people moved to RoA.
Last I heard someone from Maidens had Tailoring Mastery 100, but he's probably long gone by now.
My alt is at Mastery ~77, and I have no plans on grinding it up.

So... my post is of no help to you. Sorry
General Discussion / Re: Finally The Truth!!!
Don't worry, Watch Towers will come before end of InDev so we can test them.
And Robes will be enchantable for launch.
General Discussion / Re: Time for the truth
Forgot your drugs today?
General Discussion / Re: Yssam Bindstone Quests
Make a clan, make 10 building mods, buy clan shard, claim city, build bank, recover stuff, drop city, drop clan. @Niburu
General Discussion / Re: dnd vs roa
During early InDev Ub3rgames concentrated on engine changes and fixes.
They fixed most instances of inventory locks, removed water-logging, removed (shortened) aftercast delay, made loading faster, FPS higher, etc

All of those were great, but but those who did not see before and after first-hand probably take it all for granted and maybe don't even notice it.

New armor sets, armor traits, new magic schools, and some other changes were all good stuff.
Sadly, titles were (and still are) retarded (maybe not the idea, but the implementation definitely is), local banking is missing supporting tools, and most importantly - the company went broke... so here we are, with another dead Darkfall
General Discussion / Re: day 200
@Pallist Horror don't project WN, it doesn't suit you (you did make me laugh tho)  :D

Another thing to note is - server maint is now only happening once per week.
General Discussion / Re: ROA VS DND
UW, of course  8)
General Discussion / Re: niggers
Buff naked
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
how many houses have names on them still?
In the 5 villages I visited in the last week:
1) 2 houses claimed - both still owned
2) 2 claimed - 0 owned
3) 6 claimed - 1 owned
4) 0 claimed
5) 1 claimed - 0 owned

So at least 3 players are still paying their taxes :P
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
Who's gonna do the patch?
Marc is the only one left, and he's not a programmer.
What's he doing then? I thought both of them were programmers lol
Lead Design, testing, GM duties... maybe business side of the company :D
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
Who's gonna do the patch?
Marc is the only one left, and he's not a programmer.
One of the first sales had order number over 2000, so I don't think order number was / is an accurate way of checking the number of sales.

Also, keep in mind, they still had to pay sales tax (at the very least for EU sales)