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"Wyv, go loot - it's safe now, everyone is dead"
* I loot *
Yvainne pops behind me
"Guys, I need a res"

'twas a fun evening
IIRC they don't - as racials are supposed to get changed and some are disabled, or at least can't be leveled right now.

But in any case, Dwarves do get the cheapest R80 staff recipe (cheaper than R40 staves), if you're going for Alchemy leveling.
Isn't Van Darkholme's forum nick @memes ?
No teleportation in combination with local banking does help casuals, as they don't get griefed by top 1% who go everywhere and have whole banks ready everywhere.

On the other hand, no actual tools to use local banking properly (remote bank view, caravans, functioning markets) hurts everyone, casual and hardcore alike.
Instead of making buff other spells title-unlocks... how about a change to allow support mages to actually support without having to be forced to pick offensive schools? Soft caps is what I'm aiming at.

  • Reduce base buff-other duration by 20%
  • Reduce base debuff duration by 10%
  • Increase +Duration effects from Scholar, School, and Alteration

Result would be: (color coding should be self explanatory)
Guides and Player Help / Re: [HELP] NEW PLAYERS
Ummm... None of you can join Scrubs.
Welcome back. Hope you find a clan that suits your needs.

And I hope I find you gathering. I could use some materials ;)
A bit of food for thought: Should WoF apply Grounded state to targets it affects?

Seeing how main complaint is WoF + CH or WoF + Begone...
Media Highlights / Re: Rats vs GM at Inmak siege
Where's the obligatory #MAGEFALL ?

Anyhow, looks like good fights were had :) Thanks for sharing the vid
What happened with mighty Jungle Kingdom?
Yes, Transmutes are medium-speed staves, it's not a direct 1:1 comparison, but Darkscepters are plentiful on the server, and only two races' R80s are cheap.
Q4 transmute staff, made using R80 as base, with Q4 Magnitude enchant still outputs less damage and has less secondary effects (for its own school) than a Q3 magnitude Darkscepter.
And at the same time, when using a transmute staff your other schools are even worse.

Only time I use transmutes is to recycle low dura staves that already had 2 good enchants.
You assume correctly.
Currently there is no Transmuted staff for:
* Raw Magic
* Infliction Magic

And you're not missing anything.

As for the confusion - I very much agree, and I hope @Ub3rgames change the name of Arcane School into Celestial School or similar as to avoid confusion.
General Discussion / Re: THE GAME IS ALIVE
Is @CoreSlayer the new @Mycke where every thread has to be about him?  ::)