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High ping is a disadvantage, as simple as that. But that does not make the game unplayable, just a bit more difficult.
(there's even some Australian players on this server, so I guess it's not so horrible)
I gotta admit, at times I really hate DF, but it also ruined all other MMOs and any game that tries to be similar is usually a big disappointment.
So, I stick with DF... and hope the future does bring us something.
The downs is real

never seen u ingame dont talk if u dont pvp

Dont talk if you dont PvP geared, thats no risk pvp at least when i do pvp I wear quality gear, any scrub can run around naked going 'i pvp' but really thats not pvping.

im sure 10v2 at villages is "pvp"
10v2 is more of a PvP than naked capping and spaming public chat

If you want balanced teams, go play a game with matchmaking...
Need to dryloot Fun every time you gank it  :o
Questions and Answers / Re: Magic School Flavors
Technically accurate, even low ball.
Everyone uses at least a leaf blade and shield
Please, sir.
Some of us use starter 1h Club.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Shadow Knight
I've actually never tried slayer enchants versus Shadow Knights. But I've always thought of them as some kind of construct (because Acid works better than Holy against them, which is more akin to golems)

If someone does try Undeadslayer and Golemslayer against SK, please report back.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Losing mount steering control
It can happen to Alfars too. And on Drakes too.
At the moment, Scrubs is 3-4 actives, but not much time spent online.

I think SKD currently has 2 actives.
General Discussion / Re: Early This Week
Wednesday is still kinda "early"... even tho I don't expect it today. Or even this week.
General Discussion / Re: September
I've actually seen someone with new player protection in Alfar lands doing Trolls.
Doubt an alt would go kill mobs, but anything's possible.
I'd be okay with full leather and full bone sets sitting at ~25 total encumbrance.
Questions and Answers / Re: Bowyer mastery
When we pointed out long ago that R80 medium staves were actually cheaper to make than R60 medium staves
Dorf one is even cheaper than R40 staves.
While nobody in their right mind makes Alfar R80...

I've mostly lost hope any impactful crafting changes will happen (even tho I've sent lots of reports on that matter)
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Let me drop mining mastery
Remove stupid holding nodes. All of them. Reintroduce open world harvesting (that got totally removed by holding nodes when they got built).

And then look at the problem of people with lower level gathering having more chances of getting rares.

and remove nodes under tower range or make them have 10 items each
Nodes under towers have 15 items each. Not that big a deal
Of course he's welcome here. Would be nice seeing him play ND.
Just don't see the reason to post RoA vid here.