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Who the fuck uses water title? When you can woffle stomp people.
General Discussion / Re: is eyerot still useful?
Hybrids arent as good. You lose too much dmg and there is no hybrid gear.

As far as eye rot goes it is good. Would be okay to mix with arcane. On a mage though.
General Discussion / Re: its like df1 all over again
The seecret to life is ice storm, blizzard, wof, bolt, blizzard, shards, bolt. Repeat.

God save us all if its an Air/arcane mage..
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Earthquake is still a broken spell
The main issue with Earthquake is that it's not Wall of Force.

It's a pretty deadly flaw.
General Discussion / Re: siege area rules
Currently people don't go grey to me if they are also participants. We take alignment loss if they are involved and we kill each other.

In fact, the scroaching force of blue alfars was also blue to me. The system isn't working right.
Dude you are wrong on everything but the stam drain. Water doesnt do but a bump to melees. Slow just removes their armor bonus. Still they atk very fast.

Fire has the knock ups.

Most magics are useless. Go arcane, air.
Guides and Player Help / Re: [HELP] NEW PLAYERS
Is he Warthos bad?
Is he Lulu bad?
And light mage melee hybrid got literally taken out of the game thanks to title drawbacks and armor changes

My whole playstyle (the funnest) got destroyed and they left us with boring melee/archery (all though one hand/shield changes and sieze are kinda cool) or fuckin bolt/r90/WoF spam

I don't play Darkfall to spam primarily one fucking attack, even Unholy Wars had more options and it only let you bind like 10 things+ transfers

This. Is. The. Truth.

Inxrease wof damage to 400. This way I dont have to sit there and eat 7 wofs ever again in a row with nothing to do but block.. DFND is in dire need for balance.
Media Highlights / Re: Darkfall New Dawn gameplay
Guy walks in, sees village at 1%, thinks nothing of it..
Suggestions / Re: Forcehither FIX
Increase wof damage to 400, that way I don't have to worry about getting wof'd 7 times.
Suggestions / Re: Forcehither FIX
Well the last siege was a just a wof spam. Nothing really needs to be said, it is very obvious what the issue is.
The extra protection and enchant slot you gain with a high rank shield currently is op in melee exchanges. A q3 slashing shredder gives +10, use a 1h axe and there is no way you will ever lose a melee exchange with an equally skilled and equiped 2h player.

Do you have a ballz to test it with my Slave?
He will be with 2h sword

This got hot fast.
Well mantra has like 3 titles worth of maluses and uses bone. If he was pure melee with exarch, He'd have different results.
That's the sad part. The best handed user is a hybrid with three maluses and he's the best chance against the best two handed user.

This thread is such a fucking joke to begin with though. The day you see everyone in game using a 1 hander and shield like the GS days of the old versions is the day you have merit to ask for change.

I feel like the spirit of this post was derived from someone who could never turn a fight against a one handed user and had to run. In this version that happens. It's the same frustration a mage might experience when a melee archer sits in the water with his bow out

Well currently the playerbase is mostly DFO vet players, or at least people who've tried it. The phenomena you see in DFO is tempo autism. That is to say very liberally that players were used to a tempo and developed muscle memory with it. So if you change their attack speed their brain will melt.

I would love to change to 1h, but It would be a rough change of pace and I will struggle with it for some time. I am just not willing to do that just now.