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Is this guy for fucking real?

First off robes are a death sentence. Bone is a nightmare to farm.

I can farm "tank" gear at home in my holdings. Sounds fair right? wait a minute...

Then you have this thing about no fall damage when chasing?

Once you learn all the tricks you will see that one, not all mages are viable and two, you can counter their tricks.
From my testing the blind is the same. Easy to test with a naked vs a guy in full plate.
I am trying witchcraft/necro and although the damage of witchcraft is good, It's a PITA to land dps when compared with splash from r90's and r50 spam. Also necro leech seems weak since I can't put opponents on the defensive due to lack of stat drains.
Questions and Answers / Re: Weapon Seize
For example, I love daggers but the seize ability is much shorter than two handers.
It counters a buff. It's basically dog doo like many other spells.
really? when I debuff  quickness on myself I attack ~10% slower.

The blind of eye rot is the same, the damage was severely nerfed by making it unholy instead of bleeding.


 You have 2 schools you can compare necro to, earth and arcane as they both don't have a knock up on spells. Earth has the long range and higher damage with 20% stam drain nuke spam, whilst arcane has 40% mana drain with better bolt and now better signature spells. Leaving necro in the dust. It needs A, more damage to compete with earth or B, more leech.

Let's go boys.

Suggestions / Re: Sithras
I am a hybrid, I am considering dropping my melee titles for sithras. But without whirlwind and seize, I am going to have a difficult time.
Bump necro healing to 15-20% currently its not competitive.
It was so much fun. Your name appeared on the map, stat boost were spliy amongst champions, and you coult heal by traditional means.

The relic system GAVE MEANING to HOLDINGS and added a large pvp element to the game. This was a good and creative system. I am not sure we will ever see anything like that again.
Suggestions / Re: Sithras
Id prefer if they didnt get any maluses from mage titles.
This makes Necro absolutely useless for everyone

Fixed it for you.


As a Water mage I can tell you. Water isn't that bad but water sigs are weak. The r90 casts much faster, has a knock up. All of the spells do 40% damage. It is a short range school with a good ray and a good 90. The 50 also causes a small knock up. The signatures need to be buffed.


Water like some schools lacks utility. It has a blind effect when using the best shit in the game on the aoe, a ray that pierces (so does air), and the 2 sig debuffs that are fairly weak.

That's the biggest downfall.  It is not alone.
Suggestions / Re: Better pve experience
RIP Kraken farming.
Media Highlights / Re: [Video] Roxie Pvp 11
pls do something with this leather clones...
make atleast higher knock ups for them.
Stupid devs though bone clones is bad,but now we see 5leather+5heavy clones.

It would be nice if bone armor and studded armor were a bit more generalized in their buffs. Making it a melee/archer and a tougher robe to me was boring. Let the mix n match begin!