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2 will update itself as soon as possible as time permits with all the new mob loot once that is finally added. You can now click the bottom right of the map (the orange text) to send a PM to this account and report holding owner changes. It's pretty basic but at least we can keep a relatively up-to-date political map like this.

If the game doesn't fail and becomes a hit the map will when possible be updated with more modern settings such as having your own account where you can place personal markers, clan & alliance info color coded on holdings, a move to leaflet.js and more.

For now feel free to PM this account with holding info. @CoreSlayer @VoQeles @xzxDJxzx Terrorize @Morad @MaejohI @CeliahAiley @Raap @Xipos @TheUndertaker @Mycke @Unknowm Mantra @Unknowm @Fruition @kingwae @heiser316999 @Nilrema @NilremaAlt @Searven @Tolbin @Dragonx Ivanzypher @mrW