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General Discussion / Re: NO PATCH TODAY?
The track record is a rather obscure mechanic that does need more explanations in game.

As @SomeBK said, these changes are mostly fluff for now. They can be bypassed even without alts by simply acting next to each other without a single clan/alliance tag.
But as incentives to remain in and develop a clan gets increased, there should be less and less rewarding ways to toy around the system.

@Ub3rgames Witchcraft is fluff too right? after having the title for 3 months you made me believe that

Xml changes too hard need another 5 months to change a few numbers
Alright, I humored you for once and chewed through the whole interview and it was basicly this:

So a reporter who doesn't know what facts are was escorted by government officials, interviewing people through an interpetor without recording.

Sounds trustworthy.

so you trust a war maniac , terrorist creator and backer state and not this?
good guide Fore Core
sorry for the guy lol probably lost all the guild bank mats
yes Food gives hp and stamina regen, all food are same just different durations

pots youll get plenty if you do the quests
no Venom doesnt drain stam and it is very slow + low max range, only rend and needle drains stam

did i mention 0 utility, they can at least make a field blind as they are tick spells as well

@Ub3rgames can you take the fog spell from Swamp Hags and make it a blind field that poisons? it would be a good utility addition to the 0 utility school
Benevolence ty very much for this tutorial/guide. I am brand new to the game, and this game seems to be very confusing, but right up my ally. I can't wait to jump into it tomorrow as I am to tired to do so tonight. You didn't waste your time making this because you at least helped one person!!
racial skills on this guide is outdated, they will be changed, check the racial thread on the announcment section here
Spell curse will have a faster velocity in the same patch as well.
The idea is that the title changes a school that is about debuffs into a school that is into single target snowballing.
That signature spell is key to that "flavor".

why is the signature debuff in Infliction is the slowest spell in the game then? it is also a signature

i can't even land it on mobs

making the inf debuff a signature was a bad idea :/ make it bigger and faster or not worth the signature at all
General Discussion / Re: New guy here!
the roa fanboys posted here should go fuck themselves

it is very obvious that they are "working" to bring more players to the teleporthack level global magefall retardation that they call a mmorpg which is played by 50 people at best

General Discussion / Re: Live update patch 1.2 notes
Thnx to patch now i know that there are no rare ore for sale in all alfar towns and chaos cities. That's what i call healthy economy. Keep up the good job guys.

loool human elf dorf has hundreds of rares on markets, talk about a shitty race, fucking rats
General Discussion / Re: Live update patch 1.2 notes
Hire Gm/Support or Devs else we are fucked. Too slow. Too fucking slow
links a troll as a fanboy lol fucking moron

you are such a shit it is not even funny
Clan Recruitment / Re: Old Vet looking for clan
dont be an alfar %60 of the server is alfar

carebear faction
General Discussion / Re: New patch tomorrow?
@Ub3rgames Witchcraft called, he is asking for a resurrection.. like tomorrow.

3 months waiting for a title to be useful is enough dont you think

applies to all other schools and crafts (remove potions from any drops, chests,maps)
General Discussion / Re: New patch tomorrow?
One would hope for a hotfix for Healing Blast at the very least.
what is wrong with healing blast? i dont have the title