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Re: Discussion: Balancing utilities across playstyles
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General question:
How would you feel about similar utilities sharing a global cooldown?
As an example, flashbang and confusion having the same normal cooldown, but if you use one, the other gets a cooldown too.

If more CC is going to be added to the game this would have to be a necessity I think.  Unless you wanted to add temporary immunity or decreased effect from blinds after being exposed to one or more blinds in quick succession.  The same could be done for all the other CC effects in the game as well to prevent WoF cycling and knockup juggling.

Re: Discussion: Balancing utilities across playstyles
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We are wary of adding imunities.
If players organize a focus fire, they should be rewarded for it. We don't want any mechanic discouraging team collaboration.

We also dislike using cooldowns as mechanics. We prefer casting speed or resource costs, but in this case the goal is to prevent the need from grinding all the skills. Having a global cooldown means you need only one of each utilities.
As an added effect, it reduces the amount of utilities used in large battles.

For those that want to, they can level up both alternatives.
In our example, you would only be able to use a blind every 30 seconds, but you could have the choice of a long distance blind or a lobbed one.
The grind is worth the small advantage of choice, but not mandatory.

At least that's our reasoning.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.