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New Dawn in a nutshell.
This is a topic to discuss our new page: New Dawn in a nutshell.

Feel free to ask anything ,or point out badly written parts.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

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Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
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There is a lot of great stuff in there man, At completion I can see it being pretty fantastic..

All I was hoping for was just the original darkfall from one of the two contenders.. From what I see this is going to be something that takes it to the next level.. Im really looking forward to it.

I mean you might bring back race wars and the racist in me is all over that. jk

edit: I havent read all the way through it but so far this is me while reading
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Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
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I've just read the things the team of new dawn wants to implement on this new launch and i can for sure say that they won me, a fps fantasy vision of eve is...  :o

Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
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Nice, thanks for the tl;dr version!

Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
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A lot of good ideas which can make old Darkfall being more immersive !
I am glad that You guys have idea for all game aspect which were half-assed in many areas.
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Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
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There will be the skill cap?

Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
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There will be the skill cap?

There will be an even better solution.

Players will have a choice to set what their maximum necessary grind will be through a choice of titles with advantages to one aspect and disadvantages to several others.
This is optional, so if someone wants to grind everything they can, but a focused character will still be viable at a fraction of the effort.

We want player freedom and this allows player to design their playstyle and make it work.

We will also add diminishing returns to skill and stats. This neans a character going for a full hybrid style will reach 80% effectiveness in 20% of the time.
A character using specializations will grow much faster but will have situational drawbacks to balance it.

And finally, leveling speed is in the hands of players.
Alone it will be slow, but with daily quests giving meditation points a solo/casual should be able to keep up a bit.
But as players colaborate more and more, they gain a skill up modifier that increase their challenge but also their gains.
We will also have PvP only ways to grow a character with our commission points system in our racial wars warfronts.

Take a look at the rest of our website, you will see that a lot of the game is focused around smoothing out the power gap while providing more content to every type of players.
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Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
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Thanks for the answer, very happy for the free growth but with longer time, compared to specialization
p.s. sorry for my perfect english :)