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General Discussion / Re: Still best game on the MMO market
Last post by sjzdx -
Your like one of those psycho Ex's that never get over the break up.  You keep stalking even after they moved on already.  You even go as far as meeting with the current partners to tell them how bad you think your ex is after a year later.  sad. 
This suggestion is 20x repeated in same or similar ways.

Just because you joined the brown robes joke doesn't mean you can't laugh still.
General Discussion / Re: @Uber
Last post by _SeeD_ -
Ub3r just diligently coding on their computers.  Do you actually believe they've given up after already stating that they're not giving up?
Media Highlights / Re: meanwhile in Ork race alliance
Last post by _SeeD_ -
He should really put "Darkfall" in his youtube titles.
General Discussion / Re: @Uber
Last post by Pallist Horror -
You're only speaking for the community, not the "community".

Edit: or is he the "community" not the community?
Suggestions / Prioritize Racial Warfronts or Watchtowers?
Last post by _SeeD_ -
Which do you think should come first?
I'm thinking warfronts because they offer a place to find PvP when you want it.  They've stated that they want them to be entry-level PvP which is so much more valuable.  Right now, the only PvP hotspots are sieges and VCPs, which are either scarce or a pain to get to.
General Discussion / @Uber
Last post by irritantje -
great job keeping up the silence around the liquidation , patch and everything else.  at least other companies had the balls to say bye bye , its over .  but with this  weird form of communicating , sporadically hidden in other peoples forums threads making false claims and promises without any rectivactions,  is not doing the population any good. 

hope you regroup in august  , as september has passed already .
Tell that to the horde
Stop being so fucking affected that you have to turn simple suggestion into political discussion/bashing.

+1 to OP, I like the suggestion.
Media Highlights / Re: meanwhile in Ork race alliance
Last post by gosti -
dORKs are funny