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Re: When?
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Was a good suggestion with a bad execution. Since they don't really listen to me, I'm sure many others suggested the same.

Since I dont play, you can enjoy farming kobolds, gg.
I skipped past them and went to giant bone since it takes 1/2 the time to farm.

Just a perfect example of the retards that were actually taken seriously on the forums during inDev.

You gotta cut the guy some slack he didnt say it should be 65 kobolt bone, there is so many bone farmable per hour and Ub3r decided how many hours of farming and as a developed toon i could farm the bone for 3-4 sets in an hour, sure but I cant even always farm the bone for one set in an hour.

Re: When?
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Oh shit, good catch. Take responsibility Eilis. :) No need to hide behind "I'm sure many others suggested the same".

I'd say - @Ub3rgames please change the name of the armor to "Eilistraee kobold bone armor". As now many people think you are responsible for this idea so it's unfair - you have enough of your own ideas to take responsibility for.
You even kill your own jokes with sarcasm? Harsh.

If only I could use your negativity as a sandwich spread, I would never have to buy peanut butter again.
here we go, primitive tribal response kicks in. You wanted to add anything on topic or maybe spitting venom on me was everything you had to add? Any more Rats will come here to attack me because I dared to participate in the discussion on kobold bone requirement inventor?
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Re: When?
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I asked for balance, not push something over the edge 10 times over. You can suggest anything, but if someone doesn't try their own game out, they can't even comprehend what you say.

It's my bad that I didn't give numbers on kobold bone farming, like I did with many other things. But hey, who would have guessed that loot apocalypse in their minds means a fancy word for slacking on loot table correction.

Btw, this is still testing phase. If you don't see that, you must be a very rare person in this game, a newbie. I'm done testing though. So, gl.
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