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Yeah the NA time period Horde has no leadership and no PvP skill and no one to teach them, its why some choose to try and push their conflict with them into this time period.

Personally I think if Horde cant get any NA leadership they should stop recruiting NAs...

You are so delusional shit talking on people losing 3 vs 1 when you lost 20 vs 4.

Here's the thread with the video and full of your excuses:,8446.0.html

If we are here to assess anyone's leadership qualities, you were the worst clan leader ever. Horde exists still. Where is your clan? Where are all the people you lured into your clan?

And you shouldn't really assess anyone's pvp skill
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General Discussion / Re: alliances
Last post by wildNothing -
@Ub3rgames vcp capture is super awkward with ally members. Do something ffs.
Nobody's gonna comment on JK recruiting Humanlands, but not recruiting Humans?  ;D
Naming and shaming 3 new players is a great way to keep them in the game. We all know DJ is a worthless leader to grow new players. Don't need video evidence.

One was a general officer with full plate on, he woulda wrecked me if he bothered to swing that axe of his instead of only parrying, i just dont get it.
Suggestions / Re: Sithras
Last post by Ivar_theBoneless -
I wish they would just remove Sithra's all together.

Incredibly unbalanced in PvE and PvP. Just a horrible pos weapon made by the guys (aventurine) who came up with all the other horrible idea's for the game.
General Discussion / Re: Possible new player questions
Last post by xsevenbeta -
I think main reason, why i love DarkFall New Dawn is simple.
@Ub3rgames made game for gamers by gamers.

Look ot GUI overhaul and ingame "macro". Only good PvP'er can made this. I even suggest made some ingame macro to AV on forums, where was almost all, what made Ub3rgames. But they made even more, that i suggest.

I have one dream... As you know, when i was in great guild [SUN] we made SUN Armada:

My dream is swim with new armada and meet anoter big armada. I belive, it will be some day in future.
launched 2009
these guys have  since done some xml changes over a 2 year period. shuffled magic schools about abit and removed endgame content.

oh, they also added a market place and improved skinning!

have fun!

What a load of shit.  You're such a bitter old woman.

A FEW of the changes that are vastly more than XML:

Local banking
Mount sprint and mount inventory
Chargeable rays
Spawn scaling
Armor traits

As for the "XML changes", they've made some nice improvements such as making 1-handers a viable and fun new style, as well as converting bunnyhopping from "stupid unlimited escape" to a much more tactical tool.

And these are only the changes I can think of in 2 minutes.

Get laid already, the forums would enjoy it even more than you would.

wish the ignore list would block the guy's quote as well............:(

edit- abbo jesus man either play the game or dont, but to stick on the forums like BK holly craps man.
Suggestions / Re: Sithras
Last post by Wyverex -
I'll test armor traits and Sithras as soon as I can get Gorak online to make them.
I wanna say leather armor's traits do boost Sithra damage, but I am really not sure and I don't remember from InDev
Fuck off. Seriously, fuck off for resurrecting a thread from the guy who suggested half of the things in RoA should be in New Dawn like just donating money to get different Forum titles. GTFO, thanks. Welcome to ignore
You are so STUPID you completely missed the whole point of the post. I will summarize it below in few sentences so maybe you can understand.

The game is not ready for launch. Please do not rush launch. If you are rushing it due to financial considerations find another way to raise the funds.

Seriously, did you get dropped on your head as a baby? Your lack of critical thought and lack of ability to understand simple things is astounding?

Or maybe you think the game state at launch was good and Uber's launch timing was great. If that is the case you are even dumber than I thought.

Or maybe you think that if they needed money to continue the game development there was some other way to get it. Maybe go pick it off the money tree growing outside?

Launch date ~ January 26, 2018
Current date ~ 6/18/2018

Its fucking 5 months after launch and you bumped a year old post to link a disturbed video so you could collect your gold star for calling the game launching before it was ready like you just discovered the secret about MMO launches? No MMO in the last 20 years has had a "good" launch or great timing in regards to their games development. And Ub3rgames have stated their financial situation is ok, backed up by the fact nobody is being charged the monthly fee to meet the player base unhappy with the state of the game at launch which has been repeated by what other company? ya nobody either big or small. And today's ND game is worlds better then when it launched. Hence the up tick in population.

and you call me stupid. I'm sure smurf backed you up, since the guy has been on the forums for ffs how long (a year almost?) without playing the game a week? a day? lol you guys probably make a great team.
Yeah the NA time period Horde has no leadership and no PvP skill and no one to teach them, its why some choose to try and push their conflict with them into this time period.

Personally I think if Horde cant get any NA leadership they should stop recruiting NAs...

you died to light battlespikes after no lifing the game all of indev

you are worse than the players in this video, at least they haven an excuse.

ps all the horde are noobs NA or EU times, who cares if they are bad? aslong as they having fun!