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Shield Crafters Unite .........

Not sure why Shield crafting was not bundled with Armorsmithing,
but that is a topic for another discussion...

I doubt that any player without an ALT will take up Shield Crafting as a title.

I will be an un-clanned crafter/trader living out of Humanlands looking to buy Shields and such after launch..
Trade alliances with Clans local to Humanlands would be preferred..

I will be looking to buy;
  • Leather Armor
  • Bows
  • Shields
  • ..etc

I will be paying in gold or barter with high end food or Building Mods.

I will be trading at an NPC city..

If there are bulk items purchased from me,
I will help transport back to your holding after the purchase, either by horseback or raft.

Clans living in the proximity of the following Holdings would be ideal;

  • Somerstone
  • Bladethorpe
  • Hammerdale
  • Sandstone
  • Spear Waters
  • Alberworth
  • Brockmoore
  • Longmarch
  • Mar Shral

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Re: Shield Crafters Unite .........
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Great post similar to my proposed game plan though I will be concentrating more on the Gathering titles.

Basing myself in Ringfain hopefully.
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Re: Shield Crafters Unite .........
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I will take shieldcrafting as a title and live in Long march.

Re: Shield Crafters Unite .........
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hey everyone needs a shield , so you be a rich humanbeing

Re: Shield Crafters Unite .........
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Jungle Kingdom is interested in your building modules.

Re: Shield Crafters Unite .........
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Good idea using npc markets for our newbies buy shields
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Re: Shield Crafters Unite .........
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hey everyone needs a shield , so you be a rich humanbeing

No, because everyone drops a shield.
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