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Clan Recruitment / Re: Russian clan
Last post by Unknowm Mantra -
Azn Esm gonna be arrac
Trade / Re: Shield Crafters Unite .........
Last post by kiwiitis -
Great post similar to my proposed game plan though I will be concentrating more on the Gathering titles.

Basing myself in Ringfain hopefully.
Clan Recruitment / Re: [Alfar EU] Rats in the hats recruiting
Last post by gosti -
General Discussion / Re: Launch pop
Last post by donutkebab -
Ya the thing is, you will never know the population since the world is not only huge, but also split up in 6 races.

But I somehow doubt the 10k to be honest for release. As long as the market and economy works, enough players are around for overall activity in the world, should be enough for me, I don't need packed server like RoA launch (after it spread it was good)
General Discussion / Re: Chaos banks
Last post by Knock Wein -
I Using It NOW FOR Get Gold and buy reagents for PvP in enemis Holding xD
Media Highlights / Re: Pattato
Last post by Truedon1997 -
how do u know its pat and not just some random innocent newb you have just killed?
thats all he gave u with he ponzi scheme going and less than a week left? wow

More than you will ever give anyone
Media Highlights / Re: Pattato
Last post by fitteslim -
I'm not sure what this thread is about  :-\