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Suggestions / Re: Round world
Last post by Unknowm Mantra -
good idea and must be done in local bank world
Suggestions / Round world
Last post by funashimi -
I suggest you to make world round i.e. borderless.

Right now if you swim to the end of the map you will stuck into the invisible wall (or black wall I heard? Doesn't matter, wall is wall).
Without borders if you swim to the end of the map you will apear in the other end of the map like in real world.

This will drastically change the economy of  in-game world. Just imagine:
- Islands wll be connected to each other and will not be so isolated like right now.
- Dwarves can trade with alfars, humans with elves. Islands with themselves.
- Sea trade routes will be active more than ever. Being a sea pirate will be much more meaningful.
- Cities at the edge of islands and mainland won't be useless in terms of location.
- Other pros I can't even imagine, not even related to economy.

I don't know whether this hard to implement or not. And obviously there are cons and balance issues.

When I thought about it, it became such obvious idea. I searched for this but looks like there are none alike. Sorry if I'm mistaken.
Maybe the right time for this change is sea-and-ships overhaul (which is planned)?

Your thoughts?
Media Highlights / Re: Re: Title test
Last post by nubnax -
wyverex is right.
The balance is surprisingly good for first pass titles, as they were brought in line with the gameplay before.

Stop being so dramatic smurf, you haven't even played. and yeah, please go lock yourself into some 1h build to 'show them who's boss'

Yes the game could do with more NPE and content wise, but they are hard set on the date for an ideal release time. Content can be brought in quickly after to hold the interest, hopefully..
Suggestions / Re: Quest + Titles change
Last post by Eilistraee -
Sounds like an interesting idea.
Well their deadlines only finish when they 'go to sleep' so maybe they will just stay awake for 2 weeks straight and get it done.

Countdown is 5 days though. :)

They're shutting server down on 24th so its even less
Mob death and last hit are completely desynched.
it is in since they fixed the dead mob sliding animation. There is a delay in mob deaths
Girl Scout Cookies - Race: Alfar

Zero human or dwarf only clans, damn at least mirdains have some

wolf-ork and alfars seem to have a lot of clans but is it enough for the 3ally zerg? :D