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IMO back hit is another poor mechanic tied to player retention. I viewed 100s of videos and saw no good players ever exposing their back. Gear discrepancy and new players are the biggest victim of this mechanic. After few one sided PvP .5 encounters, players just looses morale and leaves.

Is current back hit mecanic really adding any value? Does it really increases skill ceiling? Make some changes how it works? I am willing to adopt to some changes to keep this game max populated.
I want to agree with you on back hits, but we really can't start balancing things until all the magic changes are in. Because we need everything in to Balance one thing against another
General Discussion / Re: Taboo discussion: Back hits should it change?
Last post by SomeBK -
Remember when metal gave back protection? That was pretty funny. Remove it completely and you'll never have "peels" performed in the game so metal left click will be pretty comparable to then they added back protection to it during inDev.
I think back hits adds to the game (and i am one of those getting killed in less than 5s too :D) and their not the problem.
Imho the problem is that melee does way too much dmg/too fast as it stands now (and it gets even worst with the bonus you get from medium armors to both melee speed and dmg) and makes fight last so little.

I have to admit that losing fights in 5s is really disheartening and can be a huge hit on your morale/will to keep on playing again and imho something has to change to make fights last longer.
In my case, for example, i don't get mad at all if i lose a well fought fight because i still had fun in doing it....but exploding in 5s surely doesn't make me want to go out and try again because not only i lose, i am not even getting a little fun out of trying the pvp.

TlDR: they should lower overall dmg/speed of melee (or increase armor protections....but that would hurt also archery risking to make it then do too little) to make fight last longer but leave back hits because they add to the complexity of the fight are dependant on skillful play
Also relevant for any discussion is just how much being able to do back hits might be especially low ping advantaged in melee.  * but less so with any ranged attack.  If back hit damaged is reduced across the board, this will put more stress on mages due to mana pool limitation.
General Discussion / Re: Why did you stop playing?
Last post by Blackmeat Bonekiller -
So as we can see from people's replies and what i predicted at launch, people quit over tedium.

Well it is the thing how meleers quickly kill. So if (and i can understand reasons to do so) it gets toned down it should be compensated by other means eg rewarding a powerattack hit more.
General Discussion / Re: Why did you stop playing?
Last post by Cecil -
I am Pink Floyd (not the band, just a shitty glutton for punishment), and I stopped playing.

One reason for leaving Agon behind is the same as in previous iterations; I'm not good.  I get turned around and confused in larger fights, frustrated, and it's all over.  Thing is I ALWAYS CAME BACK.

In this version, the local banking and tedium of traveling helped hasten my exit, along with the knowledge that if I go to Nif, there's no chance of an r50 weapon; the lack of loot, which for me has always been a part of any RPG, was a huge turn-off.

Basically, my leaving was inevitable.  It was just expedited by systems implemented in this iteration.  I don't see myself coming back as I did in previous versions, so...sorry for the lack of free loot!

Also wanted to add that I still peruse these forums on occasion because, you know, it's fucking Darkfall.  Happy gaming, folks.
Suggestions / Re: Mounts like dawn weapons
Last post by heliumbox -
so if theyre weightless i can just carry 10 mounts on me and never die?
No, just 1 always
General Discussion / Re: Why did you stop playing?
Last post by Gorf -
Did not quit, but rarely log in. Mostly check who is on discord and dont even log in. If I log in I usually empty the mine and log off.

Reasons are:
1) Spring time with nice weather = a lot of mountains biking, barbecues and other IRL stuffs.
2) Loss of DF population which was getting lower and lower.
3) For me what I don't like on DF is time you need to collect all the mats to get the gear crafted. It is not that it takes a lot of grind, what I dont like is that to get enchanted decent bag you need to kill almost every mob on continent repeatedly, then hours to sort it out, find the crafter and then die with it in few minutes.
4) What I hate the most is lower durability on armour then weapons resulting in stockpiling weapons and further more lower dura on leather pieces than metal ones which is the dumbest idea since I constantly need to check dura of leather pieces since they brake even in pvp very fast. So I'm constantly replacing them all over again.
Media Highlights / Re: [Video] Roxie Pvp 7
Last post by SupremeBeing -
trash as per usual

also note the fact you include a clip of killing big noobs like 50 year old keyboard turner deejay azlar is fucking hilarious and shows how bad the game must be when this is the best clips you can get!