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great bunch of guys

General Discussion / transmute weapons
Last post by Dunnin -
pls remove transmutation from the game until you fix it.
the pyramid sceme has started.
I voted DELAY

cuz i dont see it ready while some stuff clearly needs work

new schools, school balance, melee magic balance
crafting recipe balance
new crafting stuff (staff crafting etc)
alignment changes - mount ownership - ARAC


Keys dropping high end gear i heard ( is this true?)

Whats new about staff crafting other then it is now skill of its own, or the master is a title of its own. If anything it is simply been separated from alchemy. I have no experience with the change to staff crafting but we all knew it was coming and come on its a crafting skill if it was completely separated from alchemy then alchemy is the skill that needs work. I made staff in indev to skill up alchemy as it was the easiest way.
Media Highlights / Re: Pattato
Last post by Big Abbo -
a photo of killing a undergeared, under leveled player.

u a boss.
did he forget his food too mycke?

I literally almost killed him naked with starter weapons lol
Funny thing is, devs are making this game for these kind of people. Can't wait for Tolbin's crew to throw in the towel.

lmao so true
did he forget his food too mycke?
General Discussion / Re: Wipe and game options
Last post by Blood -
Thanks nubnax thats what I was looking for.
General Discussion / Mount inventories explained
Last post by Dukeajuke -
So I'm been playing a bit of the dev version the last week or so and so far I like what I see. One cool new feature I like are the mount inventories. However back in the day, mounts were not persistent meaning that if you logged off or left a mount alone in the middle of no where it would eventually disappear. Now that they have inventories, are they persistent? Also, what about stealing a mount from a friendly race. Are there negative karma points for stealing mounts?