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General Discussion / Re: honest review
Last post by Pallist Horror -
Take a look at villages and names on houses/who paid the taxes.
So many people hanging on. Known names that don't log in anymore other than to pay their house.
Yes, people are playing other games. But all these names you see on houses only are waiting in their own way for new dawn to be something or fail.
Some just solo guys like King of the wolflands and other known bangers and clan leaders.

Set small goals for yourself and the clan. Ride out the doom and gloom times ub3r created. Worst case you wasted some good laughs with clanmates. Best case you're all set for if Ub3r pulls it off.

Separate real life from the game. You got really good guys in your clan. They'll handle stuff for you. And the overall community is way more caring than the toxicity front shows.
Last post by Azmoodeus -
Horde is probably the last refuge he has. Gotta play it cool
Running after me on forum, crying for attention. Let me be. Just read your own words:
It's funny to see you still affected
and think about who's affected here.

I have nothing against you, so stop doing fool out of yourself. As then you think it's my fault.
Poking at you because it's fun. Also leave Dunnin alone you creep, it was ages ago since they kicked you.
General Discussion / Re: Tausina Getting Clan Bank Robbed
Last post by Rimamok -
So who stole the bank?  Was it Trash?  That's really the only important part about a "bank theft" thread, getting the name out.
General Discussion / A Thank You to the zergs
Last post by Pallist Horror -
Mid map EU/NA prime VCPs this weekend were memorable.

If clans continue to bring who they can to VCPs, other clans will meet the challenge.

No clan should ever say "oh hey... We have too many for villages". Please bring all you can. Be open about your numbers.

At the same time, don't get pissed if other clans group up and out number you. It's what makes darkfall amazing. It creates conflict and reasons for war. Breaks and establishes relations.

So please, keep bringing the numbers. Others will bring theirs or find a way.

The more often i hear complaints of zergs, the more alive the game feels. And let's not even try to define zerg... For some it's 3x the force and others it's 3 more enemies than their party. Just keep the swarms coming.
General Discussion / Re: Tausina Getting Clan Bank Robbed
Last post by Doggo -
Some random idiot couldnt even get the attention he so craves

Try again idiot
my titles give -8% magic potency, -1% archery potency, i have maxed attributes and 100 sharpshooter but my lvl88 arcane bolt with 0.00 dmg dawnstaff and 78 archmage still does more dps with faster castspeed than a .74 dmg bow and even 2 more dmg on mount fronthit, also easier to hit and quiet casting sound and costs mana so i can still keep bunnyhopping away from combat like a real mage

now add hasten spells + huge unmissable aoes + cobrastaff + purple robes and u got 5x archer dps

if @Ub3rgames cant do simple math or go pvp for 5 seconds against a mage with a physbuild they should shut down the game asap because everyone who is not a mage will not stay

You're retarded. Delete your account.
Trade / Re: WTB Deed
Last post by memes -
I don't sell deeds to mages

I'm a 2h warrior. Sell one to me.

I don't sell deeds to x
Dunnin is a good guy, always had a good conversation with him.
General Discussion / Re: honest review
Last post by xzxDJxzx Terrorize -
love you Wild, always the voice of reason, truth be told...long night for diagnosed with cancer...late night..and I DEV for a few other rock on with your bad self...alone (might I add)....there are many other games out there with a better "pop" and funding...have a good night...

Sorry to hear that Warthos, i hope your feeling better soon.

tldr buff mages buff mage gear

fuck off mage shitter

I actually have two chars for both playstyles. Defo played more on my Melee/Archery char!

Seek help for your mental illness, please.