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Media Highlights / Re: [Video] Roxie Pvp 7
Last post by Airenn2 -
where are you from roxie, why is your ping so high?
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: 1-handers are overpowered
Last post by Battle Smurf -
One hand isn't OP disabling blow/shot just need an extra second or two of duration and a lower cool down by 1-2 seconds

Tiny tweaks are all that's needed if anything

One hand sucked for 10 years stop trying to make it shit again especially when few people are even use it atm
Off your meds again Pat?

The decided upswing in activity I've experienced is an objective fact.  Two sieges next to our city in a few days, five new recruits apped up, we've had several PvP dungeon encounters this week without seeking it, and the list goes on.  It doesn't necessarily mean the server is red hot, it just means that WE have definitely seen a large upswing.  Your emotional response to what is simply a fact, is a little comical.

But, I'm less trying to feed/argue with the troll, and more capitalizing on the opportunity to give some detail for forumfallers looking for positive signs in the pop.
General Discussion / Re: Why did you stop playing?
Last post by Rimamok -
@Blackmeat Bonekiller   I was addressing the tedium of the Walk of Shame, which has been cited a few places in the post.  The general point of tedium in local banking and no recalls is not a topic that would be of benefit to discuss with you.
Agreed, this past 1-2 weeks has been more active from what I've seen.
deluded brendan

@Ub3rgames give me a down vote button please
Game is in a good state for my preferences.

- I like challenging PvE with 20% surprise PvP encounters, and that's about what I'm getting.  Folks who are HEAVILY PvP-centric need to make a concerted effort to live in contested areas, otherwise they simply won't get what they're after.  Not enough PvP?  Go live in chaos cities or raid active clans.

- I honestly can't understand people who can't think ahead enough to bring an extra gear bag (or at LEAST an extra mount) in the bank near the area you're planning to PvP in.  Seriously, just bring a mount, drop in bank, done.  It takes less time than crafting a whiner forum post about "tedium".

- DND is in vastly better shape than DFO but we all know the road ahead is long.  My MAIN issues are:
     - lack of PvP objectives like Watchtowers
     - a loot overhaul that is shamefully incomplete
     - a spawn scaling system badly in need of the upcoming overhaul
     - many spells and even schools that have been "balanced" by Ub3r on the back of a napkin

I've got other issues for sure, but those are my big ones.

Does putting a mount in a local bank make it so you don't have to travel all the way home ? You're not understanding the point.
Media Highlights / Re: [vid] games dead
Last post by SupremeBeing -
i love the music ,title and outro
i feel like this movie tells a true story
10/10 rotten tomato

ps, this is the next vince carter

Media Highlights / Re: <Loserkids> Magic mike vid1.
Last post by Tomren92 -

Hurry cane aka @arctoz is 100x better mage than you.

Just because he says ur shit, doesnt mean hes a warrior rofl.

ps dont shit talk other peoples videos, then release a video, showing how shit you are. Makes you look dumb as fuck.
I wouldn't say that I'm 100x better mage than him.. Maybe 99x xD
what do you men about not 100? but maybe 99? how much is 1? Im pretty sure you was the clown inn ur class, but you did not live for nothing, everyone probably got a good laughter.

@inkarnation "hes right tho, youre fighting a bunch of otg-tier straightliners" hmm, i think the only straightliners was on cairn vs Jk, but ass a left click player that enough vs a underclass like mages.

@big abbo what is FOTM? and i dont like horse, im like more blue tail. And ur right im playing wheelchair, im stuck whit spels that is not strong enough to counter ur left click arrows hit.
Media Highlights / Re: [vid] games dead
Last post by inkarnation -
i love the music ,title and outro
i feel like this movie tells a true story
10/10 rotten tomato

ps, this is the next vince carter
Media Highlights / Re: [vid] games dead
Last post by SupremeBeing -
world class