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new player need duels
Media Highlights / Re: The hunt#2 (also a quality test)
Last post by gosti -
Ask Yvainne :D
Suggestions / Re: rework seize
Last post by SomeBK -
Not going to get into a grasping straws debating Arcane but like you said it has no r50 or ray. Pair it with air and you're fine. I highly doubt it gets any tweaks. I could see other schools getting buffs before seeing air or Arcane get dumbed down
General Discussion / Re: The calm before the storm
Last post by AbusiveLover -
Jesus H Christ look at the fucking drama queens in here.

Where was the poll option " I played a game every single day that has probably 3% actual content, got bored and quit"

There will be no storm, and you don't want a storm to happen. Successful games slowly build up from an idea (think warframe- a trash PVP game probably nobody played in here the first two years and it was free to play along with being mass distributed with playstations. Their population level before adding in-game content is easily mirrored by New Dawn.)

The next few patches will add actual content which is required for ND to be fleshed out and considered a "online game". Then the population will start to rise visibly. People getting their panties in a bunch prior to that are not doing themselves any favors. They're not closing, I doubt they're having Financial issues, and even if they needed to secure financing they have a polished product that's almost completed and that stuff never takes into account your actual player base just an FYI.

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool Delusional, check your self in to the Mental unit boi

Psych Wards can't fix 7 IQ

Media Highlights / Re: The hunt#2 (also a quality test)
Last post by Nalle -
Whats your vegas settings then? :D
Guides and Player Help / Re: Community Wiki
Last post by Baracuda -
but the wikia looks nicer, wiki looks like windows 95, cant you make a wikia instead
where are the ads though I got adblock
anyway nice good job
General Discussion / Re: Sithra
Last post by Unknowm Mantra -
Will a hybrid with unholy shitra, shield and bone arm outdamage a full heavy char with r70 1h and shield in a melee fight?  

No. Heavy have more resistances than bone.
Bone do not provide any bonuses to sithra, only leather, coz it is MELEE weapon, not MAGIC. And devs confirm, that MAGIC titles give -% to sithra aswell.

Plus sithra is much slower than 1h, and r70 1h with keen = 2h r60 in damage (0.8-0.9 damage), sithra will have same damage, but less speed, no special attacks....yes abit longer range, but still....
General Discussion / Re: Sithra
Last post by Meth -
@Ub3rgames lets actually talk plz, plz respond r u ded? is anythign happening plz ub3r
At minimum they should add a second aspect to the character customization menu similar to the barber shops that let you change your hairstyle. Basically make that second aspect straight be an online store that lets you start buying cool skins, sandals, capes, fucking mini visual of the necro casting animation that always follows you around your feet, consumable mount skins that replace your horse horns with sithra style ones etc. Charge like $2, $5 and shit and this community would be throwing so much fucking money at them.

I personally would start playing again simply to just buy shit from a cash shop to pimp my characters out and not even care to play the TravelFall game in its current state. I'd just sit in Hintenfau afk with my guy decked the fuck out and just rebuy any of the shit I lost if I got jumped while I was gone

This plus a gnome gambling hall in midmap with poker and blackjack for gold

Have the gnome dealer collect a small percentage of rake in the poker games to act as an additional gold sink

I'd probably just log in and play that and talk shit until there was something guaranteed for PvP happening

Also the best feature @Ub3rgames could EVER add to New Dawn is voice over IP

The fact that neither company acknowledges how worthwhile and game changing in game voice coms would be for Darkfall is just further proof of their ineptitude

I hate to be an armchair Dev, but fuck me if I don't believe I could actually turn this project around if given control over some marketing decisions and feature priorities

It frustrates the shit out of me knowing how badly Darkfalls potential has been wasted

We should be pulling 2k daily concurrent users at a minimum. There are literally hundreds of objectively worse games pulling way more actives

It's almost like you would have to intentionally PLAN to do this badly with this product

The niche has proven to be there and there has been very little competition so why is Ub3rgames failing?

Media Highlights / Re: Anyone else see that?
Last post by Big Abbo -
lol games dead just 20 old men still play, like winning the special Olympics.

Just in our small clan, we had 7 actives in Discord a few nights back.

Tldr you're an idiot

7 Actives hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhaha

tldr you a retard whos playing an mmo with less than a WoW bg as a population.