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Playing Life Is Feudal While Waiting For DnD
Life is Feudal is releasing a no wipe open beta on November 17. Some of the features of Life is Feudal include 10k players per server. Non-Tab target combat similar to Darkfall but a little slower paced. In depth crafting system and a lot of other stuff. Alignment system quite similar to DnD in some ways. Not broken like the old Darkfall. 
I'm currently in a guild for Life is Feudal were probably going to have 50-60 at release with likely 20-30 concurrent players online. We have quite a few Darkfall Unholy Wars Vets. Me and a few other guys from this guild are planning to play DnD at release. Though i'm personally not sure yet whether I will ultimately switch to DnD. I'm going to play DnD for a week when all the features are implemented and go from their. Anyway's if your interested in playing LiF and joining a guild for it. While you wait for DnD. Then feel free to add me on steam and ask any questions you would like. My steam username is "Steel76".

Re: Playing Life Is Feudal While Waiting For DnD
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...... a no wipe open beta .......

If your over the age of 12 and pay to play a "no wipe open beta" you're, yes you, are part of the fucking reason we have to put up with the bullshit games being released today- half finished and full of paywalls.

checks game page.....oh ya lowest price is 60$ and goes up to 150$. Yes folks, 150$ Choke on a cock OP

Re: Playing Life Is Feudal While Waiting For DnD
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Game goes on steam a day after early access. I think steam is $45 dollars but I don't know.