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October 08, 2015, 06:04:11 pm
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January 22, 2018, 10:42:35 am

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The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

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A small progress update:Looks like the hotfix is holding on, we spend some time investigating it and do not think it will cau... Announcements Re: Server Status Today at 05:34:00 am
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You were saying that reaches were the same, however reach has a specific meaning.To anyone understanding the term, your claim... Questions and Answers Re: Race arms length Today at 05:14:26 am
As a disclaimer, being red in Darkfall: New Dawn is considered playing the game in "hard mode".Most of the limitations stem f... Questions and Answers Re: The outlaw/chaos ... Today at 05:02:55 am
The DFO client is actually multi threaded, but it has a very heavy main thread that isn't split up and will be the bottleneck... Questions and Answers Re: quad core myth in... Today at 04:53:34 am
We allow some uses of macros until we fix their need in game.For example binding the scroll wheel or the work around to get b... Questions and Answers Re: Are Macros allowed? Today at 04:49:17 am
Correct, the xp that goes from a skill to the skills that inherit from it is "created" rather than shared.There are no drawba... Questions and Answers Re: level up - magic ... Today at 04:42:35 am
We confirm:We went away from the 10 days lock out due to feedback that it would be perceived as too much of an exit point.Whe... Questions and Answers Re: Local banking- mi... Today at 04:37:57 am
This could be because his last death selection was too close, so the game considered him to still be not far enough to offer ... Bugs & Feedbacks Re: Can't chose clan ... Today at 03:59:04 am
There is indeed an issue with rubber banding mobs.It is something we did not have in a long while, so it may be due to one of... Bugs & Feedbacks Re: New players exper... Today at 03:40:22 am

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