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Kholesh Siege

Re: Kholesh Siege
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Started watching, tabbed out and forgot I was watching and thought I was just listening to some dnb mix on youtube +1
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Re: Kholesh Siege
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!!!play tremz mad about barz
!!!play Kolesh siege
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Re: Kholesh Siege
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Re: Kholesh Siege
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Those wards at 10:30 surely paid off, you were almost half way when the melee haste ended.
Somebody will say you should ward as you charge in.
A smarter person will point out that the element of suprise and a focus wof+toxic combo would do far more damage...

But you know, its not about it being practical...its about it not being used by everybody all the time

Was a nice video showing all the fighting
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Re: Kholesh Siege
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nice vid + music )))
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Re: Kholesh Siege
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The last fight was intense. Can't wait for more like it