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Media Highlights / Re: Master Baiting mid map
Last post by SomeBK -
NA crews are so pvp starved we take whatever we get.
This is true, lol
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: ROA Combat Changes
Last post by AshDoo -
All the coming changes are greatly inspired by New Dawn lol...but if they bring those before it...and it's desparaitly possible with the speed of Ub3r :o
Will check more the RoA news and wait for a free week when everything is ingame (jobs done RoA
Media Highlights / Re: <Loserkids> Magic mike vid1.
Last post by Big Abbo -

General Discussion / Re: Subscription plan delayed a bit.
Last post by hecate355 -
Game is dead and its such a fucking shame.
People wont even play this shit for free.

You know why? Dying, then having spend an hour running back to your bank.

And no, I dont play DF to travel about filling every bank with mounts incase i die. What a fucking joke.

Unfortunately a large majority of people are under the impression that content is the reason people quit. Not the extremely tedious parts of the game.

I hope you realize how amusing your statement is. There have been no surveys with people who quit. What you say isnt necesserely wrong, but its merely a speculation, since you dont actually have any feedback of "majority." Handful of forum threads, random chatbox chats, people you interacted/interact with, still doesent qualify for majority.
Yes it actually is tedious, but dying and needing to manually go where ever one has to go to, for example, is no issue for me, my tedium lies elsewhere.

Everything here is feedback of minority, most of whom never actually bother writing replies or starting threads or coming out their with their grievances.
Especially when one of the more common tidbits people in the game give to the newer players, is that forums are cancer.
<raises hand>

New player, here! I played for a couple of months at the original launch, but the grind put me off. I really love the look and feel of the world. I know the game's more about PVP, but I love the PVE - there's something exciting about being shot by an arrow from an NPC that you can't see and who dodges like a player when you finally find him.

I've been looking at the clan recruitment forum, but thought I better give it a few more days to see how I get on with the font scaling issue I've been experiencing (post in 'bugs' forum) before I try joining anything. Fingers crossed!

Its a resolution issue, try changing you in game resolution down then up again. Also dont change resolution and "fullscreen" on or off at the same time it doesnt like that.

I had the same problem, annoyed the hell out of me because everything needed a magnifying glass.
Your words would seem like wisdom, but for the warning in Ub3r's math...
Media Highlights / Re: <Loserkids> Magic mike vid1.
Last post by Tomren92 -

Hurry cane aka @arctoz is 100x better mage than you.

Just because he says ur shit, doesnt mean hes a warrior rofl.

ps dont shit talk other peoples videos, then release a video, showing how shit you are. Makes you look dumb as fuck.
Did i shit talk other videos? or did i say boring warrior video?
Please don't lie to people.  There is a difference between actually B2P and them feeling they fucked up and not charging people the sub fee for now.  You have no idea how long they will decide they can do this.  I know those of you that like the game are desperate for players but don't do this.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: ROA Combat Changes
Last post by MNO -
Rofl, they're basically going with specialisation, through traits which are basically titles.

Media Highlights / Re: <Loserkids> Magic mike vid1.
Last post by MNO -
ps. I have never told anyone they are bad. im talking about the class warrior. thats all on you. xoxo

You literally comment on every video 'another boring warrior left click video', and then call them bad for playing warrior when they reply to you.

This coming from the guy who also left clicks, but aims at peoples feet, and still misses.

Brb gonna go play mage but only use R90 nukes and then comment on every mage video about how all they do is left click 40 DAMAGE left click 40 DAMAGE so boring, not as skilled or as interesting as my R90 nuke build that is unable to kill anything.