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Suggestions / Re: Round world
Last post by IsilithTehroth -
A round world is a good idea.
he also treated me as the golden child and lies about how he didnt like me from the start. proven liar. be warned

He told me he liked you.  You also should try to focus your energy on bringing the alfar people together.  United we can take back what is rightfully ours.  Be a champion of your people. 

Was just being nice about a clannie the guy is downer .

Nah we are too cool to just close the recruitment that early!
Suggestions / Re: Reduce critters in cities
Last post by Thunder -
nooooo, I love killing them when running between stations.

Moving practise targets :D
Suggestions / Re: Magic\Melee Titles
Last post by IsilithTehroth -
I think a 25% reduction from a player that is hybrid to a player that is fully specced damage/magnitude wise is a good area. That mage specialized in fire magic will deal 50 damage maxed in all revelant stats/skills while the hybrid maxed in all revelant stats/skills does 37.5 damage. That hybrid still can use those non signature spells but at a disadvantage; no more master of all trades.  A fair trade off would be increasing the signature spells to 3 and doing 15% reduction to hybrids with the same gear/stats/skills.

-2 to melee for every school you take seems reasonable to me, you get more utility for less damage and can be a 1 man army. However they need to rebalance the spells and to make signatures better than they are.
Questions and Answers / Re: Are houses considered holdings?
Last post by Thunder -
at least you got 10k gold...i got a fish....rofl
10 pages to feed 1 troll.. come on guys
he is hard coded into being retarded

Not gonna try to justify any of Wiz's actions, but he's pretty nice and positive in SKD voice coms.
General Discussion / Re: excited!
Last post by clottbott -
Got my med points, hoping for race and name change at launch. Will miss the day 1 and possibly 2 rush but fuck it should be good for a couple weeks.
Suggestions / Re: Battle Spike Crafting
Last post by Thunder -
Fully agreed with OP. :)