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But that will break my imershun! You dont see the vishun go play roa or wow! If you can have fun it means its not an mmorpg!
Lmao wildnothing/dirty paws is the biggest carebear vishunboy ive ever seen
@wild people with opinions like yours are a big reason the game is so shit today, but hey, we want mmorpgs not less restrictions and more fun, please keep preaching
General Discussion / Re: @Uber
Last post by inkarnation -
Why are you guys complaining, it's only been one month today!
Only 2 more to go untill we get an updated eta
Food for thought:
In WoW I only had 1 character leveled even though I could freely make characters of other classes and swap between them (never simultaneous). While limited to the 3 specialization trees of my character, i could just pay gold and switch out my play style. If i was than level, i could switch to a max level play style of say a defense tank or offense melee. I could respect back and forth depending on what i wanted to do.

In Age of Conan I only had 1 character, same as WoW on restrictions to more. Same system where i could just respec to vary up my game.

At no point did I ever feel compelled to buy a second account to have 2 running at the same time in either game.

In fact, in NO other game I've played have I ever felt the need or want to run a second account at the same time.

In DFO i never felt the desire to have a second account. There was no scaling, no indivisible resource nodes.

So maybe you could say there are advantages to owning multiple accounts in all mmorpgs, but NOTHING quite like what dnd has become.

If ub3r removed individual resource pools from nodes, revamped spawn scaling to be dynamic difficulty, and allowed characters to Respec titles without penalty (add cooldown, add gold cost, idc), and added profession slots for mastery crafts with basic/consumable crafting for everyone, I think you'd have a much more enjoyable mmorpg experience to the vision you want.

But you think what ub3r gods released must be perfect. Right? Because their vision is unquestionable. Yet superior intellect have they shown since launch?
Untested mechanics day1
Village rewards making Islanders rich to this day
Rare ore golems benefiting those who got it before the last patch (thousands of rate ore, no joke).
They changed village timer system and made it worse
No warfronts in any reasonable time
No watch towers in any reasonable time
Resources shifted to bindstones quests that are months late ...

So why is it considered crying if you can't see ub3r had been bumbling along for months now.

Ya, you don't have an alt. But as addressed earlier, you enjoy all the benefits of them with the clans you are in and gear you wear.
Until you go alt free, in a clan that is alt free, where you don't but gear from clans that use alts... Don't bother arguing this. Please go experience it.
Again, I DID THE VISION with no alts. No allied clans. People with main characters who had combat and crafting. Slowly grinding out ore. Farming mobs for timber without scaling alts. I was oblivious to the advantages of alts until we got a member with 3 alts.
Then when jiron sold us thousands and thousands or iron ore that would have taken us a month to farm. How did he do it? Alts on a mine.
Garbage Men played the vision, your vision. And it's broken shit so long as the existing advantages of alts exist.
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by Kalliades -
Ub3rgames Status = Dead.
I guess it has always been and it always will be advantageous to have alts in mmorpgs. Does not mean that you have to use alts. I don't.

If you can't live with skill cap - well, then this game is not for you, as skill cap has been advertised since the start. Skill cap that can be changed with no penalties or effort every time you want is a straight path to arena shooter. As I said, I'd rather play mmorpg game.

They already went too far imo with combat books. They should be more rare. Books allow you to change on the fly and immediately unlock ALL abilities of a new title. And still here you are crying.
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by Kenman -
Well, that's ONE way to find out how much it cost to buy the darkfall franchise. 100k?
It's still advantageous and pay2win in design after subscriptions.

Reduce benefits from alts. Encourage people to play 1 character more.
maybe wait for them to introduce subscription before you suggest such drastic changes to the game just because when there is no subscription people run alts...
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by Devil -
lol 180k debt is pretty hilarious. I guess ROA running with all free labor isn't looking so bad now.
go play LOL, this is MMORPG.

Yes, because owning 2+characters is WAY more mmorpg than having 1 that can swap between roles. What the fuck you even getting at?
So mmorpg is paying for 3 subs? Being able to self scale spawns, alt mine nodes, craft things for myself, because i pay more money?

Every clan you've been in,
Every city you've live in,
Every crafter you've ordered from,
Every siege you've been a part of,

All are benefitted substantially by alts.

YOU go play darkfall according to your vision. You find a group of like minded players who don't own alts. Who don't abuse nodes. Who do it the vision way without any pay2win.

I've tried it. I've experienced both styles. This game is altfall and your argue against those trying to stop it because you really think the vision is possible. This is a game and mechanics to avoid pay2win are what we need. If i could clone myself in real life for 12 bucks i would. Reducing the benefit is what we need in darkfall. Reduce the mechanics that encourage it are what we need.