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Dungeons (Leash and agg range for mobs)
After the AI changes where mobs will chase you for long distances some mobs agg range is broken and will show up in rooms that they aren't supposed to. This makes some dungeons a bit worse then they should be.

Hardruk in general is one of those. Shadow spirits will spawn in rooms above it instead of staying in their general area. Sarnakhs from other parts will show up in dungeon room and chase all the way to shadow spirit/skeleton area.

Please take a look at some dungeons to make the overall pve experience better there. I know that you do not want leash ranges taken advantage of where mobs can't fight back, but for some mobs it has been taken to the point of ridiculousness.

Not all dungeons need tuning, but this one does. If there are other dungeons like this, please tack onto this message.