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Destroying gear for skill up
Would be kind of nice if there was a system for crafters to destroy full durability items of their craft to gain skills.
Having to craft 400+ rank 0 weapons/armor which NO ONE will use is such a turn off for crafting. I like progression, and the slow release of gear in this darkfall has been a great experience. But having started enough days after release, my titles are always a tier behind. No one buys the lower rank weapons once the new rank is out, even if you sell them for 95% less than what the newest rank is.

Would be nice if there was a system where you could destroy your crafted items for "research" and skill gains. Would definitely add use to a lot of the useless crafts that occur, and would be a way to get rid of a bit of the inflation of gear each time a tier unlocks?

I don't think getting resources back is really needed, though that could be nice as well. I would just like to see some use for the literal hundreds of shit items you need to craft to get anything worthwhile.

Another option could be an NPC that you can donate full or 95% durability equipment to for meditation points? Higher the tier, more med points per piece or something.