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full set effects
scale set - invulnerable to piercing,1-3 damage per hit
plate set - 50% slashing resistance,50% piercing weakness
full plate set - invulnerable to slashing,1-3 damage per hit,weakness to pircieng
infernal set - invulnerable to fire magic,fire knock ups,1-3 damage per hit,not taking damage in lava (weakness to water magic maybe)
dragon set - invulnerable to arrows,1-3 damage per hit and +50 magic resistance or and +300 hp,very high weakness to blunt weapons.Yes,dude in dragon set must be able to fight 1 vs 5 and win.
Highest rank shield(shredder?) - invulnerable to comhither,wall of force,and any other magic knock ups,onlu when block is pressed.
And/or new additional titles for heavy armor wielder - +20% magic resist at level 100.
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Re: full set effects
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Good suggestion if the aim was to troll.
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Re: full set effects
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10/10 , would laugh again

Re: full set effects
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fuck yes please
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Re: full set effects
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can u imagine fight of two fp guys?they will need to use some brains than just slash each other.
and finally blunts weapons will be useful

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Re: full set effects
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If i'm not mistaken Ub3r said they want to give some love to maces.
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Re: full set effects
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dude in dragon set must be able to fight 1 vs 5 and win.

How about dragon set turns you into an actual dragon with fire breath that does 1500 damage AOE.

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Re: full set effects
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whatever you´re smoking. i take double of what you had.