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Maximizing fps beyond ingame options?
What else can i do to have higher fps in large fights beyond the usual graphic settings optimizations? My performance is sweet in small scale (up to 10vs10 or smth) but when shit get's real (50+) i'm just at like 30 fps feeling unable to perform really.

Sadly don't have the money to buy a new rig. Should i look into overclocking my cpu?

My setup:
AMD FX 6300
Geforce 1060

I remember having playable fps even in sieges (60fps) in early indev, is it maybe the new map options that i should deactivate?

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Re: Maximizing fps beyond ingame options?
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I'd hazard a guess and say your CPU is definitely the bottlekneck there  ;)

Just to make sure, I'll go through all the settings (I can remember) that will enhance your FPS, to see if we can squeeze a few more frames out before you try overclocking.

Keep in mind, these have worked for me in the past, but might not work for you.

I have played Darkfall on a Pentium D 2.66 GHz with GT9600, an i5-750 with GTS250, an i7-3820 with GTX560, and a i7-4770K with GTX780 (current).

1. Disable object clipping

It seems the calculations on whether to clip or not are more expensive than the actual rendering costs of the object that's being clipped! In most cases this setting seems to reduce FPS instead of increase it. This makes sense, as when it's deciding whether to clip an object or not, it has to calculate every object in the scene to decide whether it should be clipped or not. In a scene with 100's if not 1000's of objects, this would be costly. I'm assuming this option was useful when Darkfall was GPU bound on older systems back in 2009.

2. Increase vegetation area size to maximum, decrease vegetation number to minimum.

3. Disable quality reduction of animations

Yet again, another setting which seems to do the opposite of what's intended. Whenever I've tested this, it's done more harm than good, killing FPS instead of increasing it. I'm guessing the distance check value is, yet again, chewing up more processor time than it saves.

4. Reduce the number of HUD elements you're using - Disable overlays. Avoid transparency.

Darkfall's UI chews up resources like crazy. For example, with an open world-map with icons/overlays, I go from 200 fps down to 50 fps.

Even chat windows are costly. I'm guessing they're redrawn every frame instead of only being redrawn when changed.

Disable them in combat if you can and you'll get back 30-50 seconds. You can bind your chat windows to a hotkey (I use O) to enable and disable them quickly and easily.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but I'll assume you've already changed the other functions that will save you a lot of frames.
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Re: Maximizing fps beyond ingame options?
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thanks alot. Yea noticed that ui elements probably are the biggest drag on my fps.