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Harjik 240% village
Report from the orcish front lines!
The orc empire got reports of a orcish group thats not sharing the great wealth of the dwarven kingdome with the orc empire! A small squad of brave orcs and wolfs were send out to deal with it and take the orcish empires cut from the hidden catacombs of the dwarven empire!


Re: Harjik 240% village
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interesting video  :D

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Re: Harjik 240% village
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activate your windows, man, wtf? Stop be a pirate!

Re: Harjik 240% village
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Cool vid but that fight was insane. Epoch, Mandrakes, Immortals, Serventus, Liandri and Insidae in that fucky little multi-tiered village, good times.

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Re: Harjik 240% village
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activate your windows, man, wtf? Stop be a pirate!
My copy is a legit win7 that i upgraded to win10 back when it was free, but it cant be activated and i talked to ms and they tell me that i need to buy a new key because something went wrong in the upgrade and my key is now not valid anymore.
Gonna buy a new key when i format my pc here in a bit, still stupid that they cant just activate it...
Think im gonna buy a win 7 key again and poop on crap10 so buggy and still not fixed
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Re: Harjik 240% village
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we had no idea you was there as we was fighting the epoch guys ... looks like we went in at the wrong time hahah

I did wonder when ppl said they in our backs too how they were managing it.

good job :D nice fight

Well played ork/wolf brothers

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Re: Harjik 240% village
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You can buy windows 10 key for like 15 bucks on one of the key sites. I had the same issue you did. Mines working great now.

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Re: Harjik 240% village
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Intense fight, nice video.

Ork Mahirim civil war up in the village. We're still the best Race Alliance though. Hardest bangers for sure.