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Gear sink?
There was a plan to introduce gear sink either like a chance gear breaks or take a % hit. Was this implemented already?
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Re: Gear sink?
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This was not implemented already, but it is on its way.
It will be not as hardcore as in other games, but there will be destruction on gank/release.
The system will differentiate between PvE and PvP deaths and treat inventory and paperdoll items separately.

The main idea will be to provide the sink the economy needs, while keeping the "on use" durability losses to their current comfortable levels.
We are conscious that it is needed to keep some items at full durability to be worth looting as a reward for a fight, and to have predictability of destruction in PvE so that someone can get back to hteir tombs from a nearby stone without worrying a crucial item of their kit has been destroyed.

This is going to be a cold shower to many, but a breath of fresh air for the crafting community.
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Re: Gear sink?
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Please also make crafted items use more ressources and give way more exp.