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Re: How do I Side Step
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Get double jump. It's much better

Depends on what your doing.  A tank with side step is pretty hard to kill if, being annoying and a distraction is what your going for.

No no. It's bad. That's why it cost less. No one should choose it.

I used double jump for years and now use side step.  My reason is I have 180-300 ping.  That makes me very easy to sticky back for some EU guys.

So if someone hits me once while chasing me, a simple side step removes the sticky back without further incident.  I still like double jump a lot, but I am 50% harder to kill with side step. 

Re: How do I Side Step
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Side step has to become as responsive as it is in Unreal Tournament to become usefull.

Side step is reactive enough the controls are bad, need to use AHK script.

In case people don't have one, I made one while experimenting with it:

I have "T" for FORWARDkey, and I press "A" to get the macro simulate the double tap of FORWARD. It is useable while pressing FORWARD to chase people/mobs, so you don't need a short break to double tap.
Run in admin mode if your client is run in admin mode.

Code: [Select]
#UseHook On

; Suspend keys
   Suspend, Toggle

;   Suspend, Toggle

;Leap forward
SendInput, {t down}
Sleep, 1
SendInput, {t up}
Sleep, 5
SendInput, {t down}
Sleep, 1
SendInput, {t up}
SendInput, {t down}

I didn't try it in duels yet, because I'm not a melee pusher, but have tested in mobs, and it makes farming with daggers much easier when mobs with same speed try to run away. You can get back to reach with daggers in one leap (40 ping) on same speed mobs as you, unless you sleep over when they try to escape.

@Ub3rgames When do we get fix for this. Using AHK scripts should not give you advantages in game over people using in-game controls.

Also, please fix mount figthing lean left/right mechanic already.
big like!