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Regionalized Markets
Can we make markets regionalized instead of full local. e.g dwarflands,orclands etc etc.. It is a bit too much like this and most markets are useless.

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Agree certain markets should be linked in viewing and purchasing but you should still have to collect the item from where it was posted. I see them adding this.

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I would really like this as well.

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I agree, though chaos city markets should still be 100% local.

Re: Regionalized Markets
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I think this is necessary. Also, increase auction duration times to 2 weeks minimum.

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yes please
the way it is right now it is too much of a hassle to just ride around and check markets. you could implement a delay for foreign markets so there is still not a full connection between them
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Re: Regionalized Markets
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Connected markets from capital and three starter towns. All others local. I'd be fine with that.
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Re: Regionalized Markets
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This is a horrible idea. Then the only opportunities for traders are travelling 30+ minutes to the next racial capital.

If your local markets are undeveloped then I suggest you try stocking them up to make a profit.

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I totally disagree.  Local traders want local opportunities to make money. And riding (or even running) between the starter/other racial cities in an area makes you vulnerable to PvP, which is also a good thing.

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@Maejohl That will only work if we have a huge playerbase.

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It works in any player base @ironkid . Players will go to whichever market has the gear. Traders will place their stuff in particular markets. Krisathel is rammed with regs, steedgrass etc at the moment, for example.

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Re: Regionalized Markets
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Well, the best market with fair prices atm is in Sanguine while very few pieces are selled far away, expected.

They can add a regional board in every NPC town where you can check the prices of every item selled from every racial place, it display the location of the item and you can also buy it instant but you have to move to the location to retrieve it (of course you have a time limit and if you don't make in time you lose your money).

I think is a good solution without turn AH regional.
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Re: Regionalized Markets
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Maybe remove the one from starting area. Keep the capital and those further NPC city. It makes no sense to me that i can reach 3 different market in less than 10min.

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The thing is that the game forcing player to migrate around the map and the NPC scaling and no loot protection forcing players to move away from each other if they actually want to farm something that worth money. The most of the city that are away and are not center of the economy like Sanguine have 5-10 active players mb more... but still it is just not enough to build a good economy and a good variation of items on on the market. So trying to support local city will be a waste of time coz there's just not enough player to support that economy...

From my side i can say that I tried to support few local city by putting  a lot of item on sale... and i can see from the results that that it take alot of time for keeping the track on prices and moving from town to town and as i result i waste a lot of time witch i could spend on farming npc getting loot and raising my pvp skills and that would have been more profitable for me.

Also agree that merging all markets is a terrible idea... but making regional markets instead of local is a very good idea!

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bad idea bad