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my titles give -8% magic potency, -1% archery potency, i have maxed attributes and 100 sharpshooter but my lvl88 arcane bolt with 0.00 dmg dawnstaff and 78 archmage still does more dps with faster castspeed than a .74 dmg bow and even 2 more dmg on mount fronthit, also easier to hit and quiet casting sound and costs mana so i can still keep bunnyhopping away from combat like a real mage

now add hasten spells + huge unmissable aoes + cobrastaff + purple robes and u got 5x archer dps

if @Ub3rgames cant do simple math or go pvp for 5 seconds against a mage with a physbuild they should shut down the game asap because everyone who is not a mage will not stay

You're retarded. Delete your account.
Trade / Re: WTB Deed
Last post by memes -
I don't sell deeds to mages

I'm a 2h warrior. Sell one to me.

I don't sell deeds to x
Dunnin is a good guy, always had a good conversation with him.
General Discussion / Re: honest review
Last post by xzxDJxzx Terrorize -
love you Wild, always the voice of reason, truth be told...long night for diagnosed with cancer...late night..and I DEV for a few other rock on with your bad self...alone (might I add)....there are many other games out there with a better "pop" and funding...have a good night...

Sorry to hear that Warthos, i hope your feeling better soon.

tldr buff mages buff mage gear

fuck off mage shitter

I actually have two chars for both playstyles. Defo played more on my Melee/Archery char!

Seek help for your mental illness, please.
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General Discussion / Re: Still best game on the MMO market
Last post by sileno80 -
Games a zombie. Dead walking.

Sad we all been QQing about this stupid game since 2010.

DF:UW-2 coming 2020.

You are a lucky one. I was 17 years old in college back in 2005 when I first discovered and was sucked in by Darkfall. The vaporware trail then lasted YEARS until finally we got out first 20 minute gameplay trailer!!! followed by the game more years later lol.

I'm now 31, 2 kids and a house and a decent job!

Yet here I am, lurking the Darkfall forums in the hope of some movement. Damn you Darkfall.


F5 ftw

Still the best MMO for me, if this fails I am back to single player games
General Discussion / Re: @ub3rgame
Last post by sileno80 -

I mean there are simple fixes to this problem, that would all probably work and make the game more more balanced.

Change the casting spell animation back to what it was, so it is move obvious its being cast.
Give begone a feather fall effect if you are hit with it by some1 else so you don't take fall damage.
Revert it back to old begone so you can only use it for yourself.
Give it less of a knock back, enough so it puts them out of melee range, but to little to give fall damage.
Media Highlights / Re: More Vcp fights
Last post by Dagbu -
wtb Don Kamillo behind me

Oh shit.
Is that spot taken by Yvainne?

That's only platonic as far as I know.