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@whitehorn You can play Darkfall and focus exclusively on crafting. You don't need to fight tough monsters to get components. This is only needed for high level stuff and you can buy that off the marketplace if u need it. Also, medium level stuff that only requires basic materials sell very well on the marketplace because its cheap.

So yeah, I recommend to you that u follow ur dream and move to Sanguine (human capital city) and you will have it best there. Also, if u are looking for a clan. You can join my clan (Jungle Kingdom). It can be fun for the social aspect. If not, then u will be perfectly fine without a clan too. But I have to warn you, the racial alliance chats are toxic. Thats why I prefer talking to buddies in clan chat.
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Last post by SomeBK -
You killed him for what?
You seem to know LoveYou's every move eh? I do find it funny that the next day after i kicked him his discord name was changed to Porch, lmfao


We're fraternity brothers. I was in his wedding etc. So we know each other pretty well yeah.
I can give a fuck either way. I'll post the screenshot in the Alfar discord if it lets me
That's exactly what we said we're doing in the quote just above your post. ;)

Ok i suppose its time to put in my two penny worth. Did i wanna see Lodrig demoted? No.  Did it have to happen? Yes.

Hello everybody Leprechaun Rage of Steel Bones here.

I am sad to see you leave Lodrig, truly.  You are a nice guy who gets along well with everybody. Nobody in Steel Bones think you are a bad guy out to cause trouble.

However the desicion was made and im not gonna lie when i personally think it will be for the better.

You all seem to belive that this happend to Lodrig without any reason..though everything has a reason behind it.
Lodrig you kept wanting to ally up like 20 diffrent clans (Abit excessive number but it feels just about right.) To which more than 50% of the clan kept expressing to Brumnod Broadbeard how "No we dont want that." and "No we dont want those as our allies they give us PvP every now and then" And even with the KNOWLEDGE that people felt that way you would still disregard everybodys opinion and do "It is my way or the highway."

It is true you are a major help and a very friendly guy to new players. If you quit the game all i can say is I am sorry this happend and im sad to see you leave.

In my opinion and what i think, the reason you were demoted NOT KICKED..not FORCED to leave is cause you kept trying to make decisions the MAJORITY of the clan did not want and you disregarded the fact that most of us said no and you just went ahead and kept trying to do things on your own anyway. 

We would of liked to keep you in Steel Bones but the majority of us did not like you in a leadership position, something i tried to explain on Discord but you did not want to hear.

We had a council meeting where we agreed on more SG's and shared responsibility. Yet as soon as the next day you kept doing things all by yourself without running it through other people.  Most of us were sick of "Ok you can voice your opinions. But if i find the opinions invalid to ME i will not care at all what you say" attitude that you had.

It was a desicion made from my understanding for the better and future of Steel Bones. What Steel Bones MEMBERS want to be. Not what you are trying to make them be, and lets be right you are trying or were trying to make them a huge Nutcup. Something nobody wants to do. We dont wanna rely on having 5-10 diffrent clans come join us in siege defense we dont wanna be a huge nutcup.

Everyone here can agree or disagree with me and im not here to argue i just came here to voice my opinion for what it is worth.

My ADVICE to you Lodrig:
Find another clan, hell make a new one get a core group and keep doing your thing. OR like i said find another clan and ask them to help them with recruiting and new player help, Cause you are amazing at that and nobody can take that away from you no matter how hard they try.


The best way to have done this was to have made your own clan, not to have "removed" him from his own clan.

He built Steel Bones, with hard work and dedication.

In Theory, he lost the following:

* his clan he worked hard to build throughout indev and launch
* his cities that he got for his clan
* his humanity as a person by getting removed as SG from his own clan
* his hard work that he put in to make DND a better game for new players
* his friends

Lodrig does not tell lies, even though he is a dwarf, he is very honest, trustworthy and cares about the new players.

Its a shame it went down like this.
He wasn't removed, just demoted.  He will still have a  voice like every one else.  And the city was built from the hard work of the clan, not Lodrig.

 What would you do if Charax undermined and argued with clan decisions and on top of that, went behind your back and made deals without talking to you first?

 didnt this shit happen to battle saints on Roa
Maybe when you switch titles the title that you just removed should go down at the same rate as a title that you added goes up.

So you "forget" titles at the same rate you master them.
For warrior in leather, 5th title may be considered negligible after weapon archery combo warrior. But for mage, even a single school mage, more titles is always better, as you can stack school combo scholar magnitude quickness for the price of physical penalties that are not relevant to you.
No, magic changes are one of the fires to extinguish as soon as possible.
Only things with higher priority would be critical bugs.

If you can, add ARAC penalties along the new patch please. Blue playing with reds in the same party/clan/alliance in a serious issue. This should be top priority too to reduce further griefing.

wtf is your problem dude? what kind of "griefing" are you talking about?.. I'm baffled...
Riding a bike is simplistic. Seriously Sero is right. But mastering it and hitting half pipes and getting sponsored is something which takes time. Dedication and practice.

If you take a few months off. You will still be sponsored when you return but you will not have the skill or confidence to drop right back into riding vert. I know this from first hand experience with extreme sports.

Your still pretty well off getting back into to it once you've mastered whatever it is.

Beyond that this is a subscription game. If you put in the time to level skills or crafts "and paid" for the time for the titles to level up. You sure as hell shouldn't have to pay for that time again if you switch titles and later want to switch back. I'm fine with everyone not being able to do everything at once the titles are good in that aspect. Grinding skills is a big time sink enough so once you've mastered something you should be able to use those skills again without being locked behind a clock "again". Just put a 3-7 day cooldown on respecing a fully leveled title.
Non magic abilities aren't in game yet, once they will be added stafless pure warrior will be a fully playstyle. Titles aren't only about power but about utilities too.

I don't agree, mages are still very strong both solo and group fight since they are very versatile in every situation, they can use at 100% melee/archery without any penalties.
If you just want the old DF1 meta, well, not happening anymore here, mages should wear a robe/bone for the maximum efficiency, how it should be, magefall hybrids was the true dogshit. Lastly, a mage true strenght is range aoes where other players cover your phisycal weakness thanks to cross-buff and protect you from the front line.

It is obvious that @Fnights has more understanding about this game in his pinky toe than most posters do in their entire teeny weeny brains.
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Last post by heiser316999 -
Um whether this loveyou guys is you or not (it totally is) this guy was asked 3 times to select forgive clan killers. All three times we killed him people took alignment hits. Also the guys name was conveniently changed to "porch" in our disocrd after he was kicked.